The Egg Tree

Isabella Eudy #5

so, what is this book about?

the book is about two children who want the easter bunny to come. he doesn't come at first, but he follows through. he didn't for get. they collected eggs. Carl had twelve eggs and katy had six. they had one problem. what should they do with the eggs? they get the idea to make an egg tree! it is beautiful. everyone comes to see it. katy leaves food for the bunny. the bunny gave her gorgeous eggs, so she returns the favor.

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what are some cool facts about the book?

well, the book won the Caldecott Award in 1951. all of the Katherine milhous books were set in Philadelphia. in 1940, her first book, Lovina, appeared. when she was youger, she would do newspaper drawings. she died in 1977.

well, why did this book win the Caldecott?

the book had very detailed illustrations, a plot and a theme. it was also appropriate for a child. it met the criteria for the award. the book deserved the award.

how is this book compared to another winning book?

another winning book i found was, owl moon. it is more of a deep story. The Egg Tree is more of a fun easter story. Owl Moon has more realistic drawings. in my opinion, The Egg Tree was better.