The Bahamas

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas By:Jericka Guy

General Information

Capital- Nassau

Major Cites-



•West End

•Cooper's Town

Official Language- English (Bahamian English)

The Flag

A black triangle located on the left side with the tip pointing in. Over top of three turquoise and gold stripes, the two turquoise on the outmost sides with the gold in the middle.

Gold= sun and sand

Blue= sea and water

Black triangle= people moving forward together


The Bahamas was controlled by Britan up until 1973 when they gained independence on July 10.


Location- The Bahamas is located off the east coast of Florida, in the North Alantic Ocean.

Features- •flat with small hills •no river •archipelago •surrounded by ocean

Political and Economical Info

Leader- Prime Minister Perry Christie

Government- Parliamentary Democracy

Currency- Bahamian Dollar

Economic System- Capitalism

Tourist Destination

Why visit?- Historic sightseeing, fantastic beaches, and diving experiences.

What to see- If visiting during the right time take part in Junkanoo. Fort Charlotte is the largest fort in The Bahamas. Also visit an assortment of beaches.

Fun Facts

• There are 700 islands, 40 are populated.

• The song "Who Let the Dogs Out" was made by a Bahamian group called the Baha Men.

• The Bahamas are one of the Caribbean's richest countries

• The Bahamas were once a favorite place for pirates to hide their treasure.

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