*Oct. Recognition & Newsletter*


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Laura Jones~ Sponsored by Brandee Zook (Oct.)

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*Your Upline Team Leaders*

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Warmest WELCOME to our Newest Team Members

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Sisters Anchored by Grace -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/268344386680792/

Team Pretty Princess/Imperial Material Downline -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/ImperialMaterialLineage/

*Brandee's Oct. Statistics*

Personal Volume~ $259.00...Not so good:(

Parties~ 1

Recruits~ 1

Team Size~ 9

Downline Size~ 9

Team Sales~ $3318.04

Team Parties~ 8

Team Recruits~ 1

Downline Sales~ $3318.04

We're Better Together, so let's make it our BEST season Together!!!

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My WHY & Team Vision

*My WHY this year is to grow my team, guide those of you who want to be successful to reach your goals, grow as a Leader, & increase my monthly income to pay of debt.

***My VISION for OUR Team is to be Virtuous Women who are committed to be the best WE can be & offering that same opportunity to other women around US through Thirty-One Gifts***

If you feel like you can't get any parties booked & you're struggling with your business, then you're detached from your WHY.

*Re-focus & put your WHY for being in this business at the forefront of your mind (make a dream board:) Let your WHY drive you & you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your determination, confidence & success!

*Take a few minutes to shift your focus~ What would you/your family do with an extra $500/mo? $1000/mo? $2000/mo? Write down your responses & get your spouses input too. Set those reasons as your Goals & WHY you are determined to reach those Goals for you & your family. It's all possible if you want it bad enough! Then call/email me to share your goals & new found WHY so I can help you make the most of your business...it starts with YOU:)