Shawnee and Moore Oklahoma Tornado

Sunday, May 19,2013

Objective: Describe step-by step, how a tornado forms.

Shawnee Oklahoma Tornado

After over 300 reports of severe weather on Sunday, another round of dangerous severe weather is expected Monday with the greatest threat once again in the southern Plains targeting Oklahoma and parts of Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas

Moore Oklahoma Tornado

The Monday afternoon storm carved a trail through the area as much as two miles wide and 22 miles long, officials said. Hardest hit was Moore, Oklahoma -- a suburban town of 40,000 and the site of eerily similar twisters in 1999 and again four years later.


A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of cumulous cloud.

How a Tornado Forms step by step

Shawnee Oklahoma speed winds

According to the National Weather Service, the preliminary strength of the Shawnee tornado was an EF-4, which indicates wind speeds were more than 150 miles per hour.

Moore Oklahoma speed winds

The preliminary rating of damage created by the tornado is at least EF-5 (winds 166 to 200 mph) -- the second-most severe classification on a scale of zero to five -- according to the National Weather Service.

Fujita Scale

The Fujita scale works by surveying damage, and then estimating the wind speeds that caused that damage. Depending on how bad the damage is the tornado is ranked from F 0-5. fo is the weakest and F5 Is the strongest.

Shawnee Oklahoma Tornado Damage

2 people are dead and 10 people were treated for injuries in the Little Axe and Norman areas. Eight of them were treated and released from hospitals. Two were admitted; one is in serious condition while the other is listed as fair.

5/19/2013 Shawnee, OK Wedge Tornado

Moore Oklahoma Tornado Deaths

At least 24 are dead and 237 injured after an enormous, 2-mile wide tornado with 200 mph winds blasted Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013, leaving an unthinkable trail of devastation in its massive wake.

Other areas affected

The twister is the latest in a string of deadly storms to rip through America's heartland, destroying parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley remains the symbolic heart of America's fascination with tornadoes, a place where the dark funnel cloud is an integral part of local historyand culture.


In the end tornadoes can cause a lot of damage and death. They can destroy your home and family. A strong tornado can pick up a house and move it down the block.Each year, dozens of Americans die from tornadoes.