Funeral Notice

The mourning over the loss of Ophelia

"Sweets to the Sweets..." (Act 5, Scene 1, Line 242-246)

In William Shakespeare Hamlet, in Act 5, Gertrude is mourning the loss of Ophelia at the grave site of her burial. What she meant by saying "sweets to the sweets..." (Act 5, Scene 1, Line 242-246) is that good things should happen to good people, this is how she felt toward Ophelia. She felt that she was dealt a bad situation even though she was such a sweet girl. This is a nice idea that good things happen to good people but sadly it is not always true. This is such a sweet and yet sad quote, because of the nice idea behind it, but the sadness is where the quote is placed in the play. The day has been very sad while there is comic relief when the grave diggers laugh while burying her. Gertrude states that she has brought sweet flowers for a sweet girl after Laretes is trying to gain a respectful ceremony for his sister. The tone is very sorrowful after the tragedy of Ophelia drowning following the death of her father. She once thought that Ophelia would be marrying her son Hamlet, and she would be bringing flowers to her there rather than on her death bad. Good things do not always happen to good people.