Ranching in the Okanagan

By Scott Mcclarty

Orgins and Dates

Most people traveled to Oregon to find cattle as there were way more cattle in Oregon than buyers. All the buyers encouraged miners to look north to sell there gold. Cattle were like humans, the traveled long distances and used the Brigade trail as well. When people bought cattle they usually paid a one time fee, that covered them for 6 months and then they had to re-pay later on. As all the cattle migrated towards Oregon it left very few cattle in the British territory. Life was made way easier in 1880 as the Canadian Pacific Railway was finally underway. 5 thousand men constructed the railway and it was about 75 miles that they built for the trains.

Early European Profile: J.C. Haynes

Early History

J.C. decided to leave his home town in Ireland in 1858, to become a police officer. He arrived in Victoria with Thomas Elwyn on Christmas day 1858. In 1859 James Douglas hired both Haynes and Elwyn to be special constables and collect miner licenses.

Reason for settlement in Okanagan Valley

J.C. was a very successful man, he developed a communication trail. The trail was from the colonial capital and the custom house. On top of being a very successful man he also collected miner licenses with Thomas Elwyn and they travel around collecting lisences.

Early Accomplishments

When J.C. left Ireland he traveled a very long journey to get to victoria and become apart of the victoria police force. After a couple years with victoria he got hired to become a special constable with a frinedhe traveled with named Thomas Elwyn.

Legacy Today

When J.C. passed away the Oysoyoos community got together and named a provincial park after him. This park is called Swiws ( Haynes point ). just this past year on April 30th the cheif had a ceremony for Haynes regarding his park and the years gone by since J.C. passed on.

Driving Question

The impact J.C. Haynes had on the growth and deveolpment of the Okanagan Valley was, his knowlage and his participation in building the communication trail in Oysosoos. With the help of his partner/friend Thomas Elwyn they put their minds together and built this trail that is still being used today. The park is very well taken care of as it has setinmental value towards the community and the Haynes family. In coclusion Haynes was a very improtant person to the communnity and desreves his respect as he helped alot of people out and save time for traveling.