AZ Tour

A Tour Across Arizona for 7th & 8th Graders - INFO SHEET

AZ Tour - May 6th - 11th, 2019

This will be our 4th AZ Tour at St. Anthony School. The Arizona Tour is a week long field trip for 7th & 8th graders where we travel across our beautiful state to visit sites and experience activities that help solidify a concrete understanding of various science and social studies curriculum standards studied this year. We can talk about layers of sedimentary rock in the classroom, but to visit the Grand Canyon and actually see it first hand really helps students connect with the importance of what they have learned. Our 2019 tour will include:

  • Grand Canyon Lava Tubes
  • Lowell Observatory
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Montezuma's Castle
  • Arizona State Capitol
  • Ranch Mexican Marketplace
  • Papago Park
  • Odysea
  • Picacho Peak
  • Kartchner Caverns
  • AZ Sonora Desert Museum

Of course we will also slip some good food and good fun into the itinerary. All 7th & 8th grade students are expected to attend this trip. It is a part of the program that we deliver to our Jr. High students at St. Anthonys. If your child is unable to attend, please let Mr. Yorksmith know as soon as possible.

This information sheet will be updated as we continue to book activities, hotel rooms, and add contacts so check back frequently to stay up-to-date.

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Payment Deposits & Due Dates

1st Deposit Due 3/1/19: $150.00

2nd Deposit Due 4/1/19: $150.00

Final Deposit Due 5/1/19: $50.00

Payment can be made all at once or by the amounts at the above dates. Many students already have a significant portion of their trip cost completed. Parents and/or students can check with the office or Mr. Yorksmith to see how much they have in their trip accounts.


All that we ask is that students do their best to participate in the fundraising opportunities that we offer. As long as they participate, then we will make sure that all funds are raised. Sometimes we have scholarship opportunities that arise so we can make sure that all students are able to attend. If the cost of the trip seems to be an issue, please contact Mr. Yorksmith at and let him know that you will need help. Again, all that we ask is that the students do what they can to take advantage of all fundraising opportunities that we have.

Room Assignments

Room A

Bryan Yorksmith

Ray Hubbard

Room B

Heidi Sturm

Lisa Fogle

Melissa Grzelak

Room C

Sirus Baca

Michael Garcia

Cain Jordan

Alessio Cosen-Hill

Room D

Diane Banuelos

Rachel Sturm

Bryce Shellenberger

Emma Heslip

Room E

Elizabeth Rausch

Zoe Silva

Room F

Joe Grzelak

Josiah Grzelak

Tanner O'Hernandez

Ryan Rose

Room G

Sophie Babbitt

Zia Silva

Desiree Cordova

Room H

Kiana Beazley

Mia McFall

Lexie Ordinola

Sienna Grzelak

Room I

Shellbe Meyers

Rylee Short

Julia Middleton

Sarah Freeman

Vehicle Assignments

Eagle 1 - Sturm/Fogle











Eagle 2 - Yorksmith/Hubbard












Grzelak Vehicle





WEATHER Forecast

Monday - Flagstaff: High of 62. Cloudy.

Tuesday - South Rim of Grand Canyon: High of 59. Scattered Showers.

Wednesday - Flagstaff: High of 58. Scattered Showers. Phoenix: High of 82. Possible Showers.

Thursday - Phoenix: High of 82. Mostly Cloudy.

Friday - Tucson: High of 81. Mostly Sunny.

Saturday - Tucson: High of 86. Mostly Sunny.


Monday, May 6th

8:00 am - Leave School

8:45 am - Jim Gray's Petrified Wood

11:30 am - Lava Tubes Hike

1:00 pm - Sack Lunch at the Lava Tubes

2:00 pm - Check-in at Hotel

3:00 pm - Lowell Observatory

5:00 pm - Dinner Break in Flagstaff - Cane's or Wendys

6:00 pm - Lowell Observatory

9:30 pm - Back to Hotel

10:00 pm - Lights Out

Tuesday, May 7th

7:30 am - Buses Leave Hotel (Breakfast in Lobby prior)

9:00 am - Grand Canyon Activities

11:30 am - Sack Lunch

1:00 pm - Grand Canyon Hike

5:00 pm - Dinner Break in Flagstaff - Panda Express or Chipotle

6:00 pm - Wiffle Ball Game at Park

8:00 pm - Back to Hotel

10:00 pm - Lights Out

Wednesday, May 8th

9:30 am - Buses Leave Hotel (Breakfast in Lobby prior)

10:30 am - Montezuma's Castle

11:30 am - Sack Lunch

1:00 pm - AZ State Capitol Tour

3:30 pm - Check-in Hotel - Pool Time!

5:30 pm - Pizza by the pool for dinner.

7:00 pm - Movie Out (students should bring their own money for this)

9:30 pm - Back to Hotel

10:00 pm - Lights Out

Thursday, May 9th

9:00 am - Buses Leave Hotel (Breakfast in Lobby prior)

9:30 am - Papago Park Geocache Adventure

11:30 am - Lunch @ the Ranch Mexican Market

1:30 pm - Odysea Visit

4:00 pm - Amazing Jakes

8:00 pm - Back to Hotel

10:00 pm - Lights Out

Friday, May 10th

9:00 am - Buses Leave Hotel (Breakfast in Lobby prior)

10:30 am - Picacho Peak - Civil War Battle!

12:00 pm - Sack Lunch & Check-in Hotel

1:30 pm - Kartchner Caverns - Rotunda/Throne Tour

5:30 pm - Park Place Mall - Dinner at the Food Court

8:00 pm - Back to Hotel

10:00 pm - Lights Out

Saturday, May 11th

9:00 am - Buses Leave Hotel (Breakfast in Lobby prior)

9:30 am - Arizona/Sonora Desert Museum

12:00 pm - Lunch at Eegees

1:00 pm - Travel towards home

5:00 pm - Arrive at School for Parent Pick-up

What should I bring on the trip?

  • A medium to small suitcase (like the carry-on luggage we used in D.C.)
  • A backpack & water bottle (for cave exploration, hiking, tours)
  • A good pair of walking/hiking shoes (walking, hiking, cave exploration & flip flops for pool time)
  • Flashlight/Headlamp (for cave exploration)
  • Camera
  • Hat/ Sunglasses/ Sunscreen
  • Rain Poncho & Small Umbrella
  • Clothing - Shorts/ Pants/ Shirts (be prepared for any kind of weather - mostly warm), SA uniform shirt (Wednesday - Capitol Tour), Socks/ undergarments (enough for clean pairs each day), pajamas, swimsuits/ towel, & light jacket.
  • Toiletries - Brush/ Comb/ Hair Supplies (you may want to bring travel shampoo/hair products), toothbrush/ toothpaste, deodorant, and deodorant. Did I mention deodorant?
  • Medications - If you normally have allergies, headaches, other allergical reactions, etc., please be prepared for it. Bring medications, treatments, pain medicine, allergy pills, etc. and notify chaperones that you have them. You may also want to bring tissue paper if that you something you use often.
  • Money - All main costs for the trip are paid for including all meals (except the movie night - $10 or so). Students can bring extra money to purchase items in stores/gift shops/restaurants/etc. I would suggest no more than $100. Students are responsible for any money they bring. We have had students lose money, wallets, plane tickets, binoculars, cameras, etc. on previous trips.

Dress Code

All students should be reminded that they are representing our school on this field trip. Shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, etc. should be appropriate. Students will need to wear their St. Anthony uniform shirts on Wednesday when we visit the AZ State Capitol. No hats may be worn to the AZ State Capitol. Students may bring hats on the trip, but they need to be appropriate. Hoodies & Jackets will not be allowed to be worn when the temperatures outside are 90+ degrees.


Of course, I will expect students to act appropriately and represent our school well. Students should be aware of the people around you as we visit many popular tourist destinations. Treat every adult with the highest level of respect and report any issues to a chaperone. Students should be walking, NOT RUNNING at all destinations. At each destination you will be given the ground rules for that destination. Please be courteous and pay attention to chaperone direction. Students should be careful and respectful with all equipment, furniture, and property of the destinations that we will be visiting.

If we have an issue with inappropriate behavior during the trip, your family will be contacted and asked to come pick you up from the trip.


Students are welcome to bring electronic devices and cell phones on the AZ Tour. There are some rules that you will need to follow:

  • All content including music, videos, websites and communications (texts, emails, chat) should be appropriate and respectful.
  • When you leave the vehicles for a tour destination, all electronics should be put away & silenced. You can have them with you for pictures, etc. but there should be no texting, phone calls, music, etc. while at our destinations. Save that for the vehicle time. If an emergency arises, please let a chaperone know.
  • No earbuds/earphones should be used at our destinations.
  • Follow all electronic rules at our various destinations.
  • Electronics will be confiscated if not used appropriately.

Chaperones & Contacts

Contact information for the chaperones for this trip can be found below. We will be taking our two activity buses and possibly an additional vehicle. We have 26 students and 6 chaperones for a total of 32 in the entire group. Parents that will be making their own arrangements should let Mr. Yorksmith know as soon as possible.

Bryan Yorksmith - 928-521-2063

Heidi Sturm - 928-242-9356

Ray Hubbard - 202-813-2934

Melissa Grzelak - 928-242-1768

Lisa Fogle - 928-368-3743

Sam Rose - 928-242-5270