DL- Final Exam

By: Matthew Kwater

What is a Digital Footprint and Why is it important?

A Digital Footprint is a persons appearance on the internet and what they talk about or what they do on the internet. It is Important to have a good Footprint because if you apply for a job they will most likely look up your name to see what you have done online.

Some of the websites might be:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Blogger etc.

What Is My Digital Footprint?

In my Footprint I use Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger.

  1. For Twitter I use it to tweet out about what I do in school, school spirit, and reach out to my friends. Twitter is so people can post events or ask questions, most people use it to tell their friends what they are doing.
  2. For Facebook I use it to talk with friends and sometimes post things i'm doing. It is used for reaching out with friends and also used to persuade events. You can tag people on pictures of things you guys did together.
  3. For Blogger I used it so that I can make a reflection blog on my 20% project. In Blogger people use it so they can make blogs about things people would be interested in for example like recipes, vacation ideas, or anything you are interested in.
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What Impact Does It Have On Your Future?


Pros: (Good Footprint)
  • Better chance of getting a job
  • Jobs would choose a person with a better Footprint
  • Makes you look responsible
  • Chance of getting a better job

Cons: (Bad Footprint)

  • May not hire you
  • Lesser chance of job
  • Have to compete against people with a good Footprint
  • makes you look lazy or not communicated

What Can You Do To Continue To Improve Your Identity?

  1. One thing you can keep doing is try to do things that what be good for the environment or that would help the environment and post it online saying what you are doing or what you did to help out. You can post pictures and tag people you were with.
  2. Another example is that you can post events or persuade people to got to specific events.

What's The Most Important Thing You Learned This Semester?

If you have a good positive Footprint you have a better chance of getting a job and people would most likely hire you than a person with a bad Footprint.