Chantz Stevens


  • Sparta had two kings
  • 28 elders, were elected
  • The ephors a council with 5 members


  • Military is very important to Sparta
  • Men were in the military, women were educated
  • Sports, dancing and combat

Daily life

  • boys were taught combat skills, hunting, athletics
  • Male had to leave his family at 7 and train with military for 23 years
  • Training was required til they are sixty


  • The Spartans had believed in gods of majority that the ancient Greek states
  • The Spartans didn't believe in just one god they believed in many, of course the Olympians lead by mighty zues
  • The Spartans had a special festival called Hyakinthia which is celabrated for 3 days


  • Boys would train for military
  • Girls at age 7 had to go to school, lived in there barracks with there sisterhood the girls were taught gymnastics, wrestling and combat skills, they taught them these because they thought they would produce strong babies
  • At age 18 the girls would take a test if failed they would not be a citizen if passed they get a husband and get back to there life

Important buildings

  • Sparta had nice fancy architecture
  • Military barracks
  • Assembly hall
  • Temple of artemis
  • Orthis


  • The battle of Thermopylae between Persians and Greeks The Persians won
  • The battle of Plataea between the same groups, but the Greeks won
  • The Salamis battle same groups and the Greeks won