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Apparently it is a busy news week, because I have much more to share this week!

Survey Season

It is the time of year when everyone wants our opinion. We have two surveys that need to be completed with a short turn around time. The first is the Staff Perception Survey, and the second is the LSTC/Media Survey. I apologize for the short notice, but some of this information was shared with principals before I was in this seat. I promise to do better next year :)!

We will have a brief (some might even call it a "stand-up") meeting Thursday (Feb 4th) at 8:00 AM in the cafeteria to review the directions and pass out the codes to complete both surveys. Again, I really apologize for the short notice and THANK YOU for your attention to completing these! Our goal is 100% participation!!!


We have put together the evaluation schedule for 2nd semester. I will send this information out in a separate attachment this afternoon. We will begin observations this week. I can't wait to be in your classrooms, and I know the APs are excited as well. I have seen great teaching going on and our students are LEARNING! (Special note: I learned from a student in Ms. Conley's class that groundhogs breathe only once every 6 minutes! And thank goodness General did not see his shadow...bring on Spring!)

Early Release Conference

Several groups have asked about doing a group recognition (like an Honor Breakfast) for those students with As and/or Bs and/or not scheduling conferences for those students we don't have concerns about. For now, we are going to follow the same procedure we have in the past and schedule meetings with all parents. There are several reasons for this...1) we need to review Title I documents and get signatures from all parents (more info. on Feb 15th about this) and 2) we have scheduled recognitions for students this week on Thursday and Friday. Please know that this is a procedure we will review for next year with ILT. I recognize that a change would allow us more time to have some in-depth conversations, but I also know that parents like to hear how awesome their kids are :)! I would like more time to consider this option and gather input from others so we can make this change effectively in the future.

Also, on Early Release days there will be lunch provided for you (on both days) by the PTA!!! Starting conferences at 1:30 will give us the opportunity to clear the kids and buses and will also give you time to eat lunch before jumping into conferences. Woohoo!

And finally - February 15th...

February 15th will be a day of learning and fun! We have put together a great agenda that I will share in the next addition of News You Can Use (I have to give you a reason to keep reading this!). As a sneak peak - we will have a whole group meeting in the morning with breakfast provided and several rotations/sessions prior to lunch. You will be on your own for lunch and will have the afternoon for planning and preparation for conferences.

Individual and Small Group Conferences

The last group of individual and small group meetings is set for Thursday afternoon. If we have not had the chance to meet and you would like to schedule some time to sit down, please let me know. I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed our time together!


Tornado drill tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM

Chick-fil-a night on Thursday

Whew! I think that is all for now. Thank you for reading :)!