18-year-old boy stabbed to death

By Kerri Anderson

Bob Sheldon- Head of Football Team murdered by Johnny Cade

On Friday night at around 3am Bob Sheldon found killed in the park with multiple stab wounds in his chest. Randy Adderson, good friend of Bob Sheldon, was there when his friend was killed and has claimed to the police that they were all in a rumble and a boy named Johnny Cade but a blade out and stabbed Bob Sheldon leaving him lying there dead on the floor next to the fountain. No one has seen Johnny Cade since the crime scene has been found and police is now looking for him but if anyone has seen him please contact police as soon as you can.

What really happened?

It has been told by the police that Bob Sheldon and Johnny Cade were in a rumble. Johnny Cade used a blade as the weapon but claimed it as self-defense. Randy Adderson has also claimed guilty as he was apart of the rumble but holding Johnny Cades best friend, Ponyboy Curtis, in the fountain trying to drown him. This is when Johnny Cade used the blade to stab Bob Sheldon in the chest and result to death. Randy Adderson said "It looked like that Johnny Cade was not trying to kill Bob Sheldon but just using self defense to help his friend."

Randy Adderson will be charged for starting a rumble and attempt murder. Police will be now going in search parties to find Johnny Cade and Ponyboy curtis.

If you see either of these men

Please call Police on


Or crime stoppers on

1800 333 000