Media Lit. and The World


Why its Important

In today’s modern society being able to understand social media is important to how you live among your friends and co-workers. Business love using to social media to reach its customers on newer levels in the past 10 years. To be able understand this means you can be media literate which can help you in many ways from understanding your customer base to using it against your competition. Many factors come to mind when being media literate like can you understand what the author is saying to being able to say that you could write an essay about the topic. I believe that being media literate means that you must understand what is going on in the text along with what’s happening to your mood when you read. Also understanding this can help you accomplish task about the text or being able to help you in the real world. When it comes to being media literate it can play a big role in your future in high school or the real world. I also think the media is major part of how we gather any news from the day. Also that the media can help during the time for chaos and complete disorder, they can provide information on the weather, government, conflicts, sports, local news, and many other items. Also the media can be used on a social level to help you keep in touch with your friends and what is going on around them at that exact moment in time.

Make Love, Not War - Axe - Super Bowl Commercial 2014

Make Love, Not war

Axe in the commercial “Make Love, Not War” (02 February, 2014) they asserts that making peace with women is easier than a war with them. Axe supports this commercial by explaining that even in times of war peace can be made at times. Axe reaches out to the men who face war every day still have time for a female and some peace with them. As Axe showed a formal tone for the audience of the men who fought this country and have died for America.

Family Member Lost equals New Gain

Austin Eisele, 2014 03 22

It was a dark Friday night and all was going well. Then out of nowhere a serial killer came in killed the family’s oldest son in his room. It was a bloody seen for investigator when they arrived on scene. Their son’s name was Bob and his head was found outside the window of his room. While on the scene the family called their insurance company and asked “What their life insurance plan was on their son?” The company responds “Your family is set to receive a million dollar pay out.”

A few weeks later shortly after receiving there check from the insurance company they went out and bought a new house. They also bought their oldest son Justin a 2014 Ford F-250 that was worth $55,000. Along with a new car for him, they also bought those sleeves new cars and a beach house. Rob the father told me “That by doing they have completely forgotten the loss of their son.” When they lost their son they started life over and didn’t even grieve over him.

Skillet - "Not Gonna Die" (Lyric Video)

Not Gonna Die

The song “Not Gonna Die” by Skillet fits 1984 because it relates to when Winston is being controlled in the ministry of love. Also that Winston and Julia were dating and having sexual encounters that they were not afraid of dying or being captured by the thought police. When Winston visited the store in the proles he did not care if he got caught buying anything in the store. Winston when he was writing in his dairy right in front of the thought police and the telescreen. This song relates to how that anything the society did they could be punished or killed depending on what they did that would upset the society. This is also related by the fact that the proles have any freedom but they serve a purpose by constantly being bombed by the government. They also could do anything they felt like even though the government was constantly watching them to make sure an uprising doesn't happen.


When reflecting back on this past semester of language arts I have learned that my thoughts of media literacy have changed a lot from what I first thought at the being of the semester. The first thing that changed is the fact that media literacy is not all about social media and TV. Also the fact that there is a social media aspect to it just not as important as I thought it was going to be. Second thing that changed my thoughts was the fact that satire articles are part of media literacy along with dystopian society. I have learned from this class that many things make up a news article and news station. I’ve also learned that certain people change in a story a lot like how when Winston went from hating the party to basically obeying everything they believe in. I’m going to take away from this class how a satirical new article which was really fun to write because it was more funny then serious. Also how to write a précis which was every challenging at first but then it got a lot easier to write after practicing it over and over again class and having to write one a super bowl. This class is different than other language arts classes for the simple fact we used the computers a lot more in this class than any other language arts class. Also how everything we learned in the class can be shown in our smore flyer from the précis to the satire articles. Some of the things I would have done differently is make all the smore entries all due at the end of the semester instead of on different dates. Also make sure that stuff was graded within a week and not in a month.