Snowboard designer

By: Alysse Urcavich

What a snowboard designer does in detail:

Snowboard designers draw-out/ Create the snowboards cover design, to fit each and every pesonality, as if you’ve known them their whole life. So to put someones life on a board is to be a designer. I would dedicate my life and time to make just one board, just to see the satisfaction on a persons face would be an amazing thing.

Why I chose this career:

I chose this career, because I think that snowboards express a personality, and to get to make that, Would just be amazing You would get to learn so much about a person just by how they want to design their snowboard. I also like drawing and designing.

Experience Needed:

Artisctic ability, Creativity, Imagination, and Social Ability's.

Degree Needed:

Bachelors or Associates.

What branch of science does snowboarding fall under and why?

Physical Science, because it is not using the enviroment or outdoors for anything, and the designing is all done by a human or machine.

What I found interesting about snowboarding:

That when you design, you are designing for a pesonality, not some machine, and it gives it feeling more than just having a machine do all the work for you, and having a machine pick random things just isn’t as fun, or creative.

Where I got my info: