Korematsu v. United States

By: Paul Haberstock

Overview and Why its famous

Korematsu v. United States was a case that concerned whether or not Executive order 9066 was constitutional or not. The Executive order ordered all Japanese Americans into internment camps during WW2. This case is very famous due to the fact that it is very controversial. It was very controversial because it was the first time the Supreme Court ruled on racial discrimination based on a strict standard.


This case was argued on October 11th and 12th 1944 and was decided on December 18, 1944. The case has not been technically overturned but the Department of Justice in 2011 filed official notice about it, erasing the cases value.


The Court sided with the United States government in that the Executive order was constitutional. It was passed with a 6-3 vote from the justices.
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Why is this a landmark case and Why i chose this case.

This is a landmark case because it was the first Supreme Court ruling concerning racial discrimination based on a strict standard.

I chose this case because it occurred during a very interesting time in America history, WW2. It was also very interesting to me, as the Supreme Court ruled on something that was obviously racially discriminating, but due to the time and state of the country it was deemed as an acceptable decision.