Message From Our PRINCIPAL

Hello Eagle Families,

We are finishing up week 10 of Online Learning. Progress Reports were finalized on Wednesday. The reports can be accessed through the Parent Portal. Many of our students are doing terrific academically, despite the situation. Unfortunately many are struggling. Our first Learning Hub began two weeks ago on campus and those students are making good progress. Our 2nd Hub will open on Monday, October 26. Our first priority is to support seniors. If at the end of next week there is additional space available in one of the hubs, we will reach out to juniors.

We Got This!

Tim Dignan

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Credits and Partial Credits

It is never too late to earn credits at RVHS. If at the end of the semester a student has earned 70% or higher in a class they will earn a full 5 credits (10 credits for seniors). If the percentage is less than 70%, teachers will look at each percentage earned in each of individual credits and assigned the student one credit (two credits for seniors) for each credit with a 70% or higher.


Student A

1st credit = 60%, 2nd credit = 65%, 3rd credit = 85%, 4th credit = 75%, 5th credit = 80%

Semester percentage = 73%

Student earns 5 credits (10 credits for seniors) with a Grade of C

Student B

1st credit = 50%, 2nd credit = 75%, 3rd credit = 50%, 4th credit = 70%, 5th credit = 80%

Semester percentage = 63%

Student earns 3 credits (6 credits for seniors) with a grade of C

Student C

1st credit = 50%, 2nd credit = 50%, 3rd credit = 50%, 4th credit = 85%, 5th credit = 85%

Semester percentage = 66%

Student earns 2 credits (4 credits for seniors) with a grade of B

Credit Calendar

Credit 1 ended on September 11

Credit 2 ended on October 7

Credit 3 ends on October 28

Credit 4 ends on November 20

Credit 5 ends on December 18

Most teachers will work with students to make-up missing work from old credits.


Luka Lewis

Luka has done an exceptional job in art and is always dependable and striving to do his best!

Luka is a pleasure to have in class and can always be counted on to attend Zoom meetings, turn in assignments and do his best. He is very talented as an artist and also intelligent and creative. I always look forward to getting Luka's assignments because I know it will not only blow me away, but it will be unique and different. I wish I had Luka in a traditional setting because the online format really limits the projects we do and the number of assignments and I would love to see Luka do so much more. I am confident that whatever Luka sets his mind to achieve he can accomplish and the future is bright for him. I am glad that Luka is here at Rancho Vista and we get to enjoy having him here with us.


Camille Adesso:

For always having a smile and a helping attitude. She has been helping organize all the food and supplies for the porch visits without being asked, so that teachers can come in and grab exactly what they need for each student without confusion. For making bundles of textbooks, chromebooks, and iPads for specific students in need of them. For reaching out and calling students and families on the watch list. Camie’s positive attitude and willing to help mindset go a long way into making our library a great place to be. Thanks Camie!

9 Week All Stars

These students have been hitting it out of the park during the first 9 weeks:

Tyler Akasaka

Kaleb Baker

Ayreon Briscoe

Evan Bryon

Daniel Calzada

Abigayle Corrales

Michael Crane

Ashley Evans

Twila Garcia

Kylie Hernandez

Gabriel Iturbe

Eric Jackson

Shane Kleis

Luka Lewis

Brody McHaffie

Jennifer Nguyen

Charlene Salvador

Michaela Sandoval

Abigail Singleterry

Brandon Tejeda

Domenick Valadez

Owen Willis

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BURNOUT- PRACTICAL COPING STRATEGIES FOR ONLINE LEARNING Event Date: Thursday, October 29, 2020 Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please register using the form. The Zoom link will be provided during registration.

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Lisa Sindermann

Secretary to Principal Tim Dignan

and Assistant Principal Tim Mann