Jakovich Newz

What is an Underdog

An underdog is a person, team, or group who is expected to lose a sport or activity. Normally this applies to sports, when a team loses a lot and goes against a team that wins a lot and is expected to win, the other team would be the underdog. Typically when an underdog wins it is unexpected. Some characteristics of an underdog could be hard working, or even lazy. There can be types of underdogs that differ from one another. For instance, there can be the type of underdog who gives everything they have to win and shows a lot of perseverance, and the type of underdog that is an underdog because they don’t try hard enough to win while the person or team is trying much harder than them. So usually when an underdog wins it’s the type that tries and shows determination, not the type that doesn’t care. So being the harder working underdog is important because it gives you a chance to win, which is how it differs from the other, so its the most important trait to have as an underdog. Yet, they are alike since they are unexpected to win.

What happens as an underdog

Underdogs are the ones that are unexpected to win. As a result, people may want to root for them because lot of people want the underdogs to win. As an outcome of people wanting them to win, the underdogs may try harder to win, and be the unexpected winner. Sometimes, when the underdogs win, this may cause people rooting for the other team or person to get mad, because they shouldn’t have lost. But the underdogs may have won because of perseverance against the odds of losing to the better team.

Jan Koum as an underdog

Jan Koum was born on February 24, 1976. He grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, and then moved to California, where he had a local support program that helped him and his family get a 2 room apartment when he was 16. When he was 18 he became interested in programming and applied at the San Jose State University. When in 2009 he bought an iPhone. He saw opportunity in the new app store, and got with his friend to make an app. Instantly he chose the name Whatsapp since it sounded like whats up. On Feb. 24, 2009, he incorporated Whatsapp Inc. in California. It became popular shortly and Facebook’s creator Mark Zuckerberg contacted Koum and proposed a deal to join Facebook.

1980 Olympics hockey, USA underdogs

In the 1980 Olympics hockey, the Russians were the team known to win. So the US hockey team faced a problem. If they wanted gold, they needed to beat the Soviets. To do so, they had to practice a lot. So the coach had a game against the Russians to see how they would do. They lost terribly and had the Russian team thinking they weren’t any much of a challenge for them, so again they kept practicing. When it came down to the gold medal game, team USA’s practice paid off. Everyone thought the Russian team would win but in the end team USA unexpectedly won the gold medal.


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