V And Murrow

By Tewar Addus

V VS Murrow

Tewar Addus


1st block

V’s purpose of the speech was to convince London to go against the government and to fight back and to not stand down. In his speech he brings up lots of historical events, For example he talks about the 5th of November.This is important because on this date the houses of parliaments did not blow up and he wants to seek revenge on the government and destroy it. He also relates himself to the people. He calls himself a "bloke" to give them easy feelings but he quickly switches it up once he starts blaming the government. V was so interested in the gunpowder plot that he was upset when he realized that London forgot about the gunpowder plot so for London to remember he brought it up in his speech “ we shall give them fifth of November that shall never ever be forgot” V wants to start a rebellion against the government from their actions since he sees the government as cruelty and injustice. He wants the citizens to be more educated on their government instead of living in fear from them. What V does isn't something shocking he calls in the citizens in the speech by telling them violence is what we need and that it will make change in the society.

Edward Murrow is involving the media to let the people open up there eyes and see whats going on in the world and that they avoid the disturbing things which are the truth. Murrow calls for a change that was given to the public and that they need to get up off there fat surpluses and recognize that television in the main being used to distract, delude amuse and insulate us. Murrow did not use violence instead he used words instead of actions. He also says “ if we go on as we are, then history will take its revenge and retribution will not limp in catching up with us” saying revenge will eventually fall into place and that we need to focus on the important things for the state of the future. Murrow calls for a change in the information that was given to the public. He sees worries in about the social issues and wants to take action in a peaceful way.

The differences between Murrow and v is that Murrow didn't use violence. for V he was the one who wanted violence and revenge he wanted violence to be used. V was mainly speaking to the government for his revenge and the violence for the people. Murrow was more into the public on how the media is giving us the wrong information. But surprisingly there's similarities between the two they both want to make a influence to the audience and London. They both wanted to make a change in the world to leave a impact and leave there legacy and find the truth into the word. They both see danger in the society and no good since they both have a issue with either the government or social media. Both of them wanted to influence others on there work or in hope for the others to step up and make a change. Also they were both against control they wanted the people to have the rights and something needed to be done in the world and they were the two brave ones to actually leave a legacy behind a good one and a bad one.

V & Murrow are warning us about the government and how horrible it is and how possessive and controlling they are for a example V said "His hope was to remind the whole world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives" hes saying that they are not just words they are also actions that needs to take place. They are trying to warn us about the possibilities that the government can do. There warning is something you should look into today since now you see the government targeting towards specific people nowadays just like V & Murrow Who targeted either the government or Murrow Who targeted the media and people. Its also warning us about the way we should takes things into action and how we should be able deal with violence or peace. And that we should be able to stick up for ourselves and show that we wont be treated unfair. The warning they give us is something people use during riots against their governments in countries and that there's always that one leader just like V and Murrow.