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October 29, 2021

Rose Lane Principal Letter...

Hello, Rose Lane Families and Caregivers!

We have had a fantastic month, and it is hard to believe that we have just one weekend left in October! When we return on Monday, we will be enjoying the cooler weather that November brings, as well as some upcoming holidays and events.

October has been a great month, with the following highlights:

  • We had a successful fall fundraiser - thanks so much for supporting it with your generosity!
  • Our Family Dine-out event at Sonic was a great opportunity for families to get-together off-site.
  • Mr. Roach and 9 amazing 3rd and 4th graders performed at the district office, at last Tuesday's Governing Board Meeting. They played the glockenspiel and did a fantastic job with a rehearsed selection and a jazzy/bluesy improv featuring each student as a soloist.
  • Two of our staff members were honored at the same Governing Board meeting - see the article on Mrs. Patton and Mr. Serafin.
  • We had a wonderful week centered around preventing bullying, thanks to Ms. Manaraze and Mrs. Merrill. Classroom activities and themed dress days culminated in SuperHero Day - the kids were adorable in their costumes.
  • The district purchased and delivered air purifiers to all of the instructional classrooms.
  • And....Rose Lane Rocket Boosters, with a donation from Blue Orthodontics, will be purchasing additional air purifiers which will go into the theater, dance, music, art and PE rooms! Way to partner up and help out with this massive effort to take a multi-layered approach to student health and safety.

Upcoming: We are looking forward to our traditional Thanksgiving Sharing during which your donations will provide much needed support to some of our families during the upcoming holidays. We are also looking forward to Veteran's Day which is a school holiday (November 11th) and Thanksgiving Break (November 24th - November 26th).

Rose Lane is such a busy, happy, and hard-working learning community, especially at this time of year. On behalf of Mr. Reyes and the entire staff, thank you for all that you do to help make our school's vision a reality: Students, Staff, and Community - Learning for All!


Rose Devine

Principal, Madison Rose Land Elementary

News From Rose Lane's Assistant Principal...

Hello Rose Lane Families,

First off, I want to continue to thank you for the tremendous improvements in our Pick Up Line for dismissal as well as the increase in the number of parents who are using the crosswalk when picking up their children. This goes such a long way in ensuring that our students are safe and makes the overall dismissal process go much faster for everyone. I cannot thank you enough for stepping up and helping us with this!

The next thing I wanted to share with you is that in the coming weeks we will be sharing some “Spotlights” with you. Our Spotlight is a short video that introduces a staff member from Rose Lane and allows them a moment to share their name, what they do at Rose Lane and a fun fact about themselves. These Spotlights currently appear on our daily announcements for the students but we wanted to also start sharing them with our Rose Lane families! Our initial Spotlights will focus on staff members that are paraprofessionals, instructional aides, noon duty aides, custodial staff, and cafeteria workers. Our hope is that it will allow our families to get to know some of the wonderful staff members that they would not get to meet otherwise. We truly hope you enjoy them, so be on the lookout in the upcoming weeks!

As always, I appreciate your support for our school and your continued dedication to maintaining the safety and well being of our students and staff. It is a pleasure being your Rose Lane Assistant Principal and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Andre Reyes

Assistant Principal, Madison Rose Lane Elementary

Rose Lane Event Calendar...

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Congratulations to Alicia Patton for receiving the "You Make The Difference" award...

Alicia Patton is one of the most positive people on Rose Lane's campus. It's no wonder she leads us in our PBIS program! She always has a positive spin to add in any situation; helping us see opportunities for growth, with our own mindsets as well as the students. She exemplifies patience and acceptance with all students and staff members regardless of how she may be feeling in a situation. She inspires us to see the positive.

Alicia's impact on our campus's PLC is represented by the way she serves her own Kindergarten team; offering support and suggestions for working with all students when managing behaviors; and representing teachers by serving on the MDCTA. She is also a trainer in Thinking Maps. She has a positive impact on every aspect of our Rose Lane community.

Alicia inspires a passion for learning in her classroom every Spring when she bravely signs up to hatch chicken eggs for one of Kindergarten’s science units. She creates leaders in her classroom by encouraging students to be positive role models for each other and creating opportunities for them to lead their groups.

Alicia Patton is an active member in all areas and always willing to offer support where she can. She dedicates her time and energy to our community, and that is why she truly makes a difference!

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And to Jerzy Serafin for receiving the "Shining Star" Award!

Since coming to Rose Lane, Jerzy has taken it upon himself to look at the needs of the school and address these needs. He has gone beyond the boundaries of his job description by taking on projects that help the staff and students of our school.

Examples include helping teachers reconfigure the built-in storage in their rooms; and restoring a previously unusable, antique water fountain so that it could be used by students. He is a true leader of the night custodians, and he shows this by supervising both our regular crew members and those who are working with us on a temporary basis, while setting the example with a great attitude. Not only does he do what his job requires, he makes a point of asking his fellow staff members in all departments what their needs are and how he can address them. Jerzy also ensures that the campus is secure each night before he leaves.

His example truly inspires a passion for learning and leading by showing his fellow staff members that caring for one another, and for our schools, is what we all need to do to make our district a better place to be.

Jerzy's family has long been associated with Rose Lane and Madison District. His wife taught at Rose Lane for many years, and his granddaughter currently attends. Many years ago, Jerzy was one of the original creators of Rose Lane’s “Secret Garden” which is regularly used this year by the students in our multi-age classrooms. He came back to Rose Lane to work as a custodian not only to occupy the job position but also to be a part of the community that is Rose Lane and help in that capacity. What a legacy for this year’s Shining Star!

So proud of both of you!

Alicia and Jerzy were honored at the October 26th, 2021 Governing Board Meeting at the District Office.

Theater News...

The past few weeks all grade levels have been working on their reading skills as they perform readers theater plays such as "The Rainbow Fish" and "The Lion and the Mouse"! We have had great success and are having a blast!
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It's All Hands on Deck...

Our wonderful Assistant Principal, Mr. Reyes, safely crosses parents and students on 12th street. Thank you Mr. Reyes for keeping our community safe!
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Rose Lane Music Students Perform at the District Office!

Our very own Rose Lane students performed in front of the District Office building before the Governing Board meeting on Tuesday, October 26th. Click on the picture below to check out our talented students and Music teacher, Mr. Roach!
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The Rose Lane Virtual Book Fair Is Coming Next Week!

The Virtual Book Fair Will Run from November 1st - November 12th, 2021. A Separate Flyer with the Online Order Link with instructions will go home by October 29th!

The online Book Fair Link will also be posted next week on DOJO and on the RL Facebook page! All prices listed on the books have been rounded up. No tax to worry about and no delivery fee! Your orders will be delivered to Rose Lane then distributed to your student 10 days after the end of the fair.

Did you know that the Virtual Book Fair is a fundraiser event for our library? We earn a 20% credit on our net sales to purchase more books for our Rose Lane library!

Thanks for your support!

Mrs. Buseman

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Madison Job Fair...

Please join us at The Madison School District Office on Thursday, November 4, 2021 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. for a Hiring Event! The District will be hiring MAC Club Leaders, Early Childhood Program Aides, Guest Teachers, Madison Center for the Arts employees and more! Select positions are eligible for a $500 sign on stipend! Madison’s District Office is located at 5601 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Click here to reserve your spot.
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