"Kanata" Village

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General information:

capital city:Ottawa

Land area:3,511,022 square miles

language spoken:English&French

population: 34,818,867

ethnic group:French origin ,mainly Quebec

religons:75% of population are christians,muslim&buddhist

public transport system:72,000 km of railroad,bus&underground subway

currency: Canadian Dollars,sign:$,code:CAD

Interesting Information....


Canada is a country with a big percent of different cultures.Canadas common food could be back bacon that you would normally eat on your breakfast.Maple syrup is very important for the canadians,and its represented on there flag.Poutine could be the most popular food,buts not healthy at all.Its made of thick french fries and cheese."Just for laugh" is a great festival that occurs in montreal every july.Its the biggest international comedy festival in the world!! A very popular myth that i heard about was that "Canadian are Obssesed with Hockey".This means that hockey is such a famous sport that its becoming an obssesion to wach it and play it.