Australian Democracy

you will have help in learning democracy :)


This newsletter is all about democracy for you to learn off. Please read carefully and thouroughly in order to know a lot of the subject of democracy in Australia.


What Is It???

Democracy is a form of government in Australia. this means you have leaders that decide on the community by using the decisions of themselves and the majority to make a responsible decision to help the community. Forms of this help are in sevices or goods including, tax,construction,health,landfill,power,animal control,education,fire brigade,police and more!

House Of Representitives

The House of Representitives is where decisions are made to help the community (see above or to the left). the people of the government are in there 24/7 helping to make Australia a better place. these people include

The Prime Minister

The Opposition Leader

The Speaker

And The Governer General