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Neon is a colorless, odorless, nonflammable, tasteless gas.

  • Chemical Properties

The chemical formula for neon is Ne, it does not react with oxygen, neon is non reactive because it has a full outer shell, if it is in low pressure and electrical current is passed through it, it glows a orange reddish color.

  • Uses/compounds-

Neon is used for marketing for neon signs to attract attention. It is mixed with different types of noble gasses to create other colors, neon by itself with an electrical charge are a reddish orange color. When mixed with Mercury it creates a light blue color. Neon is also used in high voltage indicators, T.V. tubes, and also helium gas lasers.

  • Isotopes-

Neon is known to have 19 different isotopes ranging from 16-34. Most common stable isotopes are Ne20 Ne21 and Ne22.

Pictures of how Neon is used and colors it can use.

How much Neon do you need.

Offer to Vegas

It has come to my attention that in your fine city, that marketing is a big part of your income. I believe that buying as much neon as possible would be a great interest of yours. Neon is one of the best tools in attracting people to a place. It is a bright and vibrant color. You can put it in any shaped glass that you want and manipulate it with electricity and other elements to create every color in the rainbow.

Buying Neon would be the greatest business opportunity that someone has ever offered you. This amazing product is the definition of spending money to make money. It is a gas though so if you do buy it, you need to properly trap it or it will be gone. It is a clear, odorless, tasteless, gas but when electricity is added, it is the coolest thing on Earth. Good thig about buying a gas is that you can manipulate it as you want. Put it in any shaped glass rung you want and add power. You have a long lasting bright vibrant light.

Neon can be bought for anywhere in between $2.80 and 4.80 a Liter that would last for years upon years if properly kept. Some interesting facts about Neon to get interested in it are. Although it is relatively rare on our planet, neon is the fifth most abundant element in the universe. Neon forms in the stars with the mass of eight or more Earth suns. So not only is Neon a great investment but it is also a rare item to have. Make the smart decision and use Neon to gain publicity and get people through your doors.