Piper Chapman

Who is Piper Chapman? Describer her. What kind of person is she?

Piper Chapman is a fictional character played by Taylor Schilling on the comedy-drama Orange Is the New Black. She is engaged to Larry Bloom and has a past relationship with Alex Vause. Piper is living in New York and has just been sentenced to 15 months in a women’s federal prison. Piper is very sweet and kind. She has a positive attitude about everything, unless you get onto her bad side


Describe Pipers family. How they act around her

Pipers family is very high maintenanced. They live in a big house with little responsibilities. They have started to act different around her now because she was sent to prison. They don’t think of her as their sweet little angel anymore. www.npr.org/2013/08/12/211339427/behind-the-new-black-the-real-pipers-prison-story

Tell about her old life and the life she has now

Pipers old life was very dangerous. She dated an international drug dealer who would take her on trips with the money she earned from her living. Piper would sometimes help transport/pick up the money from airports. Her new life is very peaceful. She is engaged to Larry, and her best friend is about to have a baby. Piper and Polly (her best friend) have a business called PoPi.


Describe her adventures

Pipers adventures in prison have been pretty bad. She insulted the food in front of the cook, stole a screwdriver,she didn't have her check so she could buy shoes, and she had some crazy girl following her around.


What do you like most about her friends?

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