Fitness Components

By: Mekhi Belle

There are two categories

Skill related and Health related

Health related: Cardiovascular endurance

track is a good example because you need lots of endurance

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Muscular strength

in track you have to have strong leg muscles to be very fast

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Muscular endurance

in weight lifting you use your muscle in one group to lift the weight
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in bending backwards you need to stretch your muscles.
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Body Compositon

this picture represents how much fat that person has in his body
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Skill related: Speed

flash is very fast and can move his body parts fast
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football is a great example of being agile to get away from the defender and score
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a person on the balance beam shows lots of balance standing upright and maintaining posture
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in baseball you need lots of coordination to make the bat hit the ball
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Reaction Time

in tennis you need to have good reaction time to hit the ball to your opponent
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in boxing you need lots of power to knockout your opponent
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