By jade jack, block 6

Who is the head of communism?

The "President" or dictator.

This person is chosen not by getting elected, but the head of the party chooses who they want and that person becomes the ruler, usually until they die.

What is it?

It is a political and economic system in which the major predictive resources in the society.

Who makes the laws?

The laws are what the government chooses them to be. They don't have to go through checks and balances like ours have too.

What rights do the citizens have? Can they vote?

The only rights they have are the ones given to them by the government. They can not vote because they have no freedom and their government rules them.

What are some countries with this type of government and who are the leaders?

1.) One country that has this type of government is China. Their leader is Xi Jinping.

2.) North Korea is also a communist government. Their leader is Kim Jong-un.

3.) Cuba. Their leader is Raúl Castro

The difference between our government and communist government is..

Communism is much different than democracy. They can't vote for their president. Nobody in these communist countries are ever poor, or rich because everybody gets the same exact amount of money. In communism, the government has complete control over the production of goods, but democracy doesn't do this.