Evaluation Tool & Strategic Plan

Where do ITF's Fit in?

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What is our role as an ITF?

  • Facilitators of Professional Learning
  • Visionary Instructional Leaders
  • Communicators of Information & Resources
  • Innovators and Creators of Dynamic Learning Experiences & Environments
  • Data Strategist

What our role isn't:

  1. Fixing printers.
  2. Fixing VGA cable/Projector issues.
  3. Tech Contact in general...

Ways the Evaluation Tool & Strategic Plan Connect!

We "Live" in the Learning & Teaching House

Progressive Learning Environments
  • Design progressive learning environments that strategically integrate digital and physical resources, and emerging technologies, to support innovative learning regardless of location or age of facility. - Standard 1a - 1d, 2a, 3a,
Dynamic Learning Experiences
  • Provide learning experiences that are active, engaging, and responsive to unique student needs, honor failure as a part of learning, and adaptive to the ever-changing world. - Standard 4a - 4c, 5c
Adaptive Resources
  • Identify and provide wide-ranging resources designed to support dynamic learning experiences for all learners. - Standard 3a

But we "Rent Out" other Spaces:

Balanced Assessment

  • PreK-12 Digital Portfolio Solution Develop and deploy a digital portfolio platform to house work samples demonstrating student growth on 4Cs competencies. - Standard 3a, 4c, 5a


  • Equity Focused Professional Learning and Adaptive Leadership Promote new learning through equity-focused professional learning opportunities and by infusing adaptive leadership practices in educational innovation. - Standard 1c & 1e, 2a, 5a & 5c

Community Engagement - Standard 2

  • Parent Engagement Strengthen parent engagement and related programs by offering them in multiple languages, venues and channels School Improvement to
  • Address Community Engagement Require School Improvement Plans to include a community engagement component supporting student achievement
Synergy In Education - What is my role as YOUR ITF?