Rome, Rome, Rome

Unit 6 - The Romans

This Week

The Getty Field Trip was fantastic! Thank you for all of your enthusiasm (especially in the photography/selfie department). I hope the experience was memorable and enlightening. I was happy to hear some of you making to connections between art works on display and works we viewed in class. Seeing what works and areas of the museum captured your attention was very entertaining. . .

There is no school Tuesday, November 5th. Our next class meeting is Wednesday, November 6th. We are a couple weeks out from our Unit 6 quiz, but please make sure you are keeping up with the reading and assignments. This is a huge unit of study.

My iPads have arrived. We will be using them in class as soon as I have the WiFi configured. I work from three district sites, with different WiFi networks, so it's a process. I also have to figure out how I'm going to lug around a lap top and 8 iPads. In other words, spoiled teacher problems :) The more I plan our lessons with iPads, the more I realize Art History is the perfect class for integrating technology. I'm aiming for Wednesday to be our first class with iPads, but Friday is probably more realistic.

Please Review Due Dates

Please pay close attention to due dates. All due dates are highlighted on the weekly calendar and listed in the agenda section of this flyer. Please review the weekly agenda carefully. Because we don't have daily class meeting times, it's important that you are observing all due dates for assignments. I also added a list titled "Notebook 3 Check - Required Contents" in the Notebook tab on Blackboard. This is a running list of everything that should be in your notebook for the next check. We have some changes in reading notes and vocab (they are no longer included in your notebook), so I want to make sure the expectations for the notebook are clear.

Better Than a Selfie!

This Week's Agenda

November 3 - November 9

Weekly Calendar available by clicking here and on Blackboard.

Important Dates:

Life in Ancient Rome activity, due NOW

Reading Quiz 2 - Early Empire, 11/7

Image IDs: Republic and Early Empire

Reading Quiz 3 - High Empire, 11/11

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