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October 25, 2015

Welcome to Week 11!

Trick or treat!

Academic Team Calendar

A Rainbow of Colors! Calendar now includes Ryan, Marie, David, Nimat, Shannon, Antoinette, Stephen and John Knight (see below!) Please remember that any member of the Executive Team, Academic Team or ICEF Board of Directors can visit any time!

Upcoming Dates

November 3-4 - Non Violent Crisis Intervention Training, Downstairs Conference Room

November 13 - Benchmark 2 Window Opens

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Instructional Focus - 3.2A - Executes Learning Cycle

Last week, Shannon Reid, our Director of K-5 Instruction led Instructional Specialists and 3-5 teachers on how best to utilize Engage NY, implement the Learning Cycle. This week, Instructional Specialists participate in Springboard PD.

  • How much time is being spent on each activity in the learning cycle?
  • How much of that time is allocated towards activities that actually lead achieving the learning target?
  • How are we engaging students to actually attaining the learning target?

News, Helpful Hints, and Reminders

From the Academic Team -

  • CDE has now archived all materials from the fall CAASSP meetings. Information (including resources for families) can be found here:
  • This week, Directors will be receiving an Arts Survey conducted through ICEF's partnership with Arts For All. Please allocate at least 10 minutes of your time to complete the mandatory survey. You are encouraged to work with your Art Teachers in doing so. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Jamie McAndrews or Marie Morelock.
  • On Monday, 10/26, Springboard Training for Instructional Specialists will take place at IIES, Grevillea Site. On Tuesday, 10/27, Springboard Training will take place in the Downstairs Conference Room. Lunch will be served on both days.
  • On 10/26-10/27, Shannon Reid, David Vaezazizi, Lori Foskey (VPPES/MS) and Nicole Peters (IIES) will be attending a CAASSP Institute hosted by the CDE. The focus of the Institute is using the CAASSP Digital Library and Interims to foster instruction.
  • On 10/28, 10/29, and 10/30, Shannon Reid and Nimat Jones are attending Literacy Symposium hosted by McGraw Hill.
  • Thank you all those who have registered for the NCI Training on 11/3-11/4.
From the Operations Team -
  • Please ensure that all required data has been input into Illuminate. Deadline to input is 10/30.

From Our Development and Communications Team:

  • DEADLINE APPROACHING - Mayor Riordan’s Foundation is again offering the 2015-16 Recreational Reading Mini-Grant where Pre-K-5 teachers submit wish list of book titles up to $1,000 for their classroom libraries. Last year a number of ICEF teachers were awarded books.

    Information can be found here: and the deadline is November 20, 2015.

Celebrations and Worth Noticing!

ICEF Public Schools, A Culture of Excellence

Send us your celebrations! We want to hear from you!
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