He is Smart, Athletic, and Young

And he is waiting for you!!!

I think you would love Russell Washington, or who we like to call, Boy21

Boy21,Russell Washington is a really good basketball player and he is doing really really good in school. He is an 18 year old boy who is ready to become an NBA(National Basketball Association) player who can get millions.He also has a lot of scholarships to many great colleges. Boy21 wants to become an astronaut but he knows he will do so much better and earn more as an NBA payer and his friends and coach want him to play in the NBA. Boy21 is also succeeding in school especially his science and astronomy classes and if he finishes college he will be able to become an astronaut. Boy21 needs help to decide whether to become a multi-millionaire NBA player and MVP or to become a multi-millionaire NASA astronaut. .Boy21 needs an agent who can help him decide and will also help him when he needs the help.He has never gotten a grade below 95% since 5th grade. He is smart and athletic and young and waiting for you!
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Boy 21

A sports fiction book by Matthew Quick