Fashion Club

Fashion Life

What's Fashion All About

Fashion is all about having fun and meeting new people. There is so many people who have talent and they don't even know it. That's we make a fashion club so that everybody can express there talent.Make sure you come with all of your material. The only thing that will be provide is your Shirts. Can't wait to see ya'll work that ya'll have created.. IF you have any concern you can contact us @9368907645 we will be happy to answer any question you have .

Fashion Class

These class is about showing talent.Most people have fashion but that they don't want to show it so that's why we are making a Fashion Class. No judging it's all about your work. We are here to help you and not to bring you down in side. It's really fun we go out of town and have Fashion Shows and everybody is welcome to come. Try to make the Best Of Your College

Tuesday-Friday @3PM-8PM Saturday 12pm-5pm

Can't wait to see everybody that come. Don't come by yourself bring friends and family. Positive work no Drama and RESPECT EVERYONE....
These class is to bring people together some that people can express there ideals to others. No judgement because everybody is not perfect and every body fashion design aren't good but we can't be Rude or Mean. All we can do for each other is to help each other so that we can make it fun. We have Fashion Compationshion all over the world. Yes everybody in the club go we pay half of the travel ticket. We go and support each other not to bring them down. Just have good leadership.