6th Grade Technology Units

By: Hayden Zarnoth

Typing Web

Typing Web is a website that helps your typing skills get better and better. There are four different courses that you type from which are beginner, intermediate, advanced, and practice. You need to be passed the intermediate course by the end of 6th grade technology. Typing Web has many features that other websites do not offer like how many words are typed in a minute, how long it took you to complete a lesson, and your speed of typing in a lesson.


iTrailer is a trailer you make in the app iMovie on your iPad. You take any subject you want and make a trailer out of it. The pictures have to be taken by you and can't be from Google. I learned how to use iTrailer while I was doing this project like before I didn't know how to use all of the features in iTrailer but after I did.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a presentation website and app, you can take pictures and text and put them on slides together. You use Haiku Deck to show a job you want to do in the future and present it to the class. I never knew what Haiku Deck was so I learned both what Haiku Deck was and how to use Haiku Deck.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app on your iPad that you can take pictures and put on a slide, draw on the slide, record your voice on a slide, and other things. You use Explain Everything to answer a math problem, show a picture that goes with the math problem, and explain how to solve the math problem.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a website which you can be a character and explore jobs so you can find a job you may want to do in the future. You also learn about jobs like what you do on the job, what college degree you need to get that job, how much college will cost, and other important information you may need to get that job. Mrs. VandenBoogaard helps you with Career Locker and teaches you about the things you can do in Career Locker. I learned many new things about Career Locker that I never knew since 5th grade.


Coding is a website that requires some thinking and trial and error which is just trying new things to see what the result will be. There are different levels and the higher the level the harder the code. There is a mini character that has a pencil or follows a path and follows the code that you have written down. Many commands are in the website for the character to follow. I learned about the website and how to command something to do something.