By Sarah Maslowski

Job over view

The role of a baker varies from job to job. For example, a baker that is employed by a small, local bakery typically performs most of his or her work independently or as part of a close-knit team. A baker is this setting would also produce baked goods primarily by hand. In a large, industrial-scale bakery, it would be more typical for many bakers to cooperatively work together in order to produce mass quantities of baked goods. In this scenario, a baker would do very little work by hand and would rely largely on machinery to produce baked products, especially during the preparation phase of production.

Bakers typically work according to a tight production schedule that sets quotas for how many of a particular item they must produce each day. This is true of bakers working in all types of settings.

Whether working in a small company or a large kitchen, a baker is required to master the use of a large number of tools in order to produce quality baked items. These tools range from simple kitchen implements such as a rolling pin, to complex industrial mixing machines. In any case, becoming a baker requires a great amount of training as this is highly skilled job title.

Pros Of Being a Baker

Baking is a specialty career field within the culinary arts. Bakers create breads, pastries, cookies and other tasty treats. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bakers earned a median salary of just $23,450 in 2010 and face only a two percent projected job growth rate through 2020. Nevertheless, bakers enjoy several career advantages.People typically seek careers in baking because of a passion for the process and results. In many cases, professional bakers follow in their parents footsteps or develop an enthusiasm for baking in early years. Baking can often serve as a stress reliever because of the physical pressure required to knead and form dough. Baked goods also give off a pleasant aroma. In fact, a number of retailers bake cookies in store to entice customers as much for the smell as the taste.While job growth may be limited, bakers do have lots of career options. You can work for grocery chains or in various types of restaurants ranging from casual to formal. Many bakers also start their own restaurants or bakeries or take over family businesses. In this case, your income potential is higher if your business is successful.Bakers take great pride in their work, and also receive recognition in their communities. Baker Eugene Otto indicated in an "All Culinary Schools" website profile that owning a bakery in a San Francisco neighborhood garners an "absurd" amount of respect. When you own a bakery in a small town, your shop becomes a focal point of the community.Bakers are essentially pastry artists. In some mass production workplaces, your creative opportunities may be limited. However, bakers in many chains and shops have the ability to come up with new creations or to put a personal touch on favorites, such as cupcakes or donuts. A passion for baking and flexible opportunities give bakers a chance to use their creative talents.

Cons of being a baker

  1. One of the major cons is that you have to rise early and work during the hours when most people are asleep, since you need to prepare the breakfast items.
  2. The dedication and love towards the bakery arts is needed. Only then you will be able to prepare delicious bakery items.
  3. Shift work is common, but your hours could be longer or shorter than you expect.
  4. Bakers typically work according to the production task schedule per day like how much a particular item they must have to prepare each day.
  5. Baker requires a great amount of creativity and skills, since they are responsible of preparing unique bakery items to impress their customers.
  6. Bakers can also be responsible for business management, marketing, and staff management.
  7. In a nutshell, while considering all the scenarios and ifs & buts, I would say that it is one of the most lucrative careers. And if one can opt for this career, it is not at all the bad selection, in fact it leads to the fastest growing success towards their career path.
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