medium sized bites?

great food?, fantastic food.


fried squid. $8.50 (battered and tempura fried squid meat)

shrimp cocktail. $10.99 (fresh shrimp served with cocktail sauce)

lamb chops. $14.95 (two pan seared lamb cops)

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Potato cream soup. $6.55 (potato and creme, steamy and delicious)

mushroom soup. $5.55 (yum)

chicken tortilla. $6.00 (feisty and spicy, knock ya socks off)

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main dish

Lasagna. $13.55 (meaty and delicious)

steak. $35.50 (filet mignonette 30 oz)

eggplant Parmesan. $16.55 (delicate and great)

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ice cream. $5.55 (chocolate and vanilla)

cake. $6.55 (vanilla, flaky and great)

creme bule. $9.95 (yum)

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