Cardiovascular Disease Project

Due Date: 2/2/17

Project Expectations

Create a themed, visually appealing online newsletter for your chosen cardiovascular disease.

You can work alone OR in pairs (no more than 2)

If you are working in pairs, you MUST work with someone from your class period

Deadline: Thursday 2/2/17 at 9:00am

Turn in instructions will be provided closer to the deadline.

Decide who will be the Project Leader:

Create a FREE Smore:

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your account
  • Only 1 Smore is to be created per 2 students


Create a FREE Tackk:

  • Go to
  • Using your, create a free Tackk account
  • Only 1 Tackk is to be created per 2 students

You must:

Keep in Mind:

  • Would you be able to/want to take notes from your own smore newsletter?

  • Would you be bored or interested in your own newsletter? (Keep it interesting)

  • Is the information broken down into chunks that allow for quick understanding of the material?

  • Did you add images/gifs/videos that help us to understand what we are reading?

  • Keep it appropriate!
Heart Disease and Heart Attacks

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