Boulder City High School Graduation

May 21, 2020 @ 7:30 PM-BRUCE EATON FIELD


CONGRATULATIONS! Your child will soon be completing his/her career at Boulder City High School. We are preparing for the Commencement Ceremony and want to keep you informed!

To graduate from the Clark County School District, with a Standard High School Diploma, students must complete their required course work. Students who do not complete all requirements for a diploma will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies. Students earning an adjusted diploma will be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies.

Commencement Ceremony Privilege

Parents and seniors should understand that a senior’s participation in the commencement ceremony is an earned privilege and not a right. This privilege is extended to any senior who has met the minimum requirements to receive a diploma or certificate of attendance. In addition, in order to retain this privilege, seniors should understand that Boulder City High School reserves the right to revoke this privilege at any time for the display of seriously negative behavior on the part of any senior during the final quarter of the school year up to the commencement ceremony itself. Classroom and school rules and regulations will be fully enforced as they apply to student behavior. Seniors especially are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with these rules and regulations.


It is the philosophy of the Clark County School District that high school commencement ceremonies are designed to honor seniors with commencement activities that are solemn and dignified. For this reason, we respectfully request spectators and graduates to act accordingly. Seniors will need to report to the Student Activity Center no later than 6:15 pm on the day of graduation. Spectators should plan to arrive at Bruce Eaton Field by 7:10 pm.They will not be allowed on the field until after the ceremony to take photos.


Seniors will receive their SENIOR Checkout Card during their first final exam. Seniors will need to have their teachers fill out their Checkout Card and record any fines for lost/damaged books. Seniors will also get signatures from Ms. Mancuso (library), Mrs. Patterson (banker), and their counselor. Students will be given their cap and gown prior to the “GRAD Walk” assuming all fines are paid and they are on track for graduation.


Graduation items such as invitations can still be ordered from Jostens directly at Custom announcements should be ordered early as they sell on a first come basis and will be processed in the order they are received.


There will be a MANDATORY rehearsal in the Student Activity Center on Wednesday, May 20th, 2020. Seniors will need to report to the SAC at 8:30 A.M. Students who do not participate in the rehearsal will NOT be permitted to participate in the ceremony.


Senior Exams 5th and 6th Periods: May 13th and 14th

Senior Day/Grad Walk: May 15th

Final Exams 1st and 2nd Periods: May 18th

Final Exams 3rd and 4th Periods: May 19th

Graduation Practice: May 20th @ 8:30 am

GRADUATION: May 21st @ 7:30 pm

Interpreting Services

Parents, friends, or graduating seniors who are deaf or hard of hearing and in need of interpreting services for the commencement ceremonies are asked to make requests for interpreter services by calling Ms. Brownson at 799-8200 ext. 4200.


Students must wear the official commencement gowns for the ceremony. Graduates are encouraged to wear appropriate attire under their gown.

Girls - Dress or skirt/slacks and blouse and dress shoes. No flip flops or tennis shoes.

Boys - Dress pants, light-colored dress shirt with collar, dark slacks, and dress shoes. No flip flops or tennis shoes.

No jewels or decorations on caps or gowns. No messages will be allowed on the mortarboards.

Do not bring cell phones, purses, bags, or backpacks to the ceremony. It is not appropriate to carry handbags during the ceremony. Any item brought with you will be checked in with a staff member in the SAC.

Student/Guest Behavior

Students: who do not exhibit appropriate behavior before and during the ceremony will be immediately removed from the ceremony by school personnel. Inappropriate behavior would include, but is not limited to, drug or alcohol use, inappropriate language, inappropriate stage behavior, possession and use of nuisance items, and violation of dress code.

The diploma of any student removed will be withheld pending an appointment with the principal.

Guests: In the interest of a memorable, dignified occasion for both participants and spectators, we request the following socially acceptable commencement ceremony etiquette:

Listen politely to speakers.

Cheering and other noises make it difficult to hear the graduates’ names as they are read. Please refrain from catcalls, whistles, and other verbal noises.



Cameras, cell phones, and iPods are not allowed on the stage or in the graduate seating on the field.

Professional photographers will be on the field to take pictures during the ceremony and in the SAC before the ceremony. Graduates will be contacted regarding the purchase of photographs. Photographs on the field are not permitted until after the ceremony.

For Graduation Questions

Refer all questions regarding graduation to Mrs. Lori Stewart or Ms. Daphne Brownson