Team Update



I am amazed with us as a team! Don't get me wrong, I knew we could do it but most teams are made up of sisters and girls that have known each other for a long time. You guys haven't even met and we pulled together to make Senior! This is awesome! I'm so thankful for all of you and the hard work you put in to pull it out. Next time, let's lock it up quick so that I'm not so stressed out! (Noah wanted to commit me)

So now, when are we free to get our manicures?? Dec 21st (Sunday) works for me but if the holidays are too crazy, let me know and we can do a New Year date. What works for you?

Finish the year with a BANG!

December Goals

December is already shaping up to be better than November for me. I have 3 shows AND a sample sale at my house. Outside orders from my guys (for their girls) has been GREAT! This month is going to be all about the outside order. Those people with the last minute gift.

And don't forget about the challenges from HO. Today is simple! Text the preview picture to 10 ladies on your phone. Offer a new piece free with a booking. Submit on the website and be entered to win a $350 Apple Gift Card!! Let's do it ladies!