Judy - Rebel Without A Cause

Jenny Renz

Judy's Traits

The first trait I had for Judy is that she is weak, or in other words a follower. In the movie when she is hanging out with her crowd of "friends" after they cut Jim's tires, she laughs about it. But when Jim confronted her individually, she didn't respond to him. She was weak and afraid it seemed. She also hangs out with friends who clearly do not care about her. They all leave after her boyfriend dies and do not support her at all. Yet she still is friends with them because she is a follower.

The second trait I used to describe Judy was that she really wants love and attention. Her daddy issues show that she is constantly striving for his love and acceptance. Also, her boyfriend is very mean to others, like Jim. But Judy still is with him because she wants the attention he gives her that her father doesn't. Lastly, once her boyfriend dies she runs to Jim almost instantly. Even though she barely knows him, because she needs attention.

The final trait I have for Judy is that she is fun and adventurous She runs away eagerly with Jim and Plato. She barely takes the time to think about it. She also jokes around and laughs with Jim a lot when she is in the runaway mansion.

Main problems and challenges

The main problem Judy has is her family. She does not feel that her dad loves and accepts her as a person. She feels rebellious towards her dad because she believes she can never be good enough. Judy wears a ton of makeup because she wants to rebel against the sweet little girl she might have once been with her father. Since she was not getting his attention that way anymore, so she has to find another way. Although, that is just an assumption. Judy runs away from her home because of her family issues. She can not stand being around them anymore. So she runs off with Jim, because he openly and willingly gives her the love and attention she wishes that her dad did.

What Judy learned..

I don't think Judy learned much during the film. She seemed to stay fairly persistent in her personality the whole time. By the end she did not show that she was excited to see her parents there. The only thing I think Judy learned is that she can be truly loved by someone even if they are not her family. That there is someone out there for everybody and she does not have to be so vulnerable.

Plato's Mismatched Socks:

Platos mismatched socks at the end of the movie symbolized his entire life. Plato did not have his parents around because they had left him. The symbolization that the socks show is that he is still potraying himself as a little boy. It may not be that he can not match his socks, but he does not want to. Also he sees Judy and Jim almost as parents, he tells Jim that he wishes that he was his father, even though they are all the same age. Which also shows that he is stuck in a world where he is much younger than he really is. The socks could also show that maybe he is not matching his socks because he hopes his parents will realize it and help him match his socks. It's a simple scene but shows a lot about how he feels in his home life.


I think the two main themes of the story are:

  • Non conformity vs Individuality
  • Family and Belonging

Nonconformity vs Individuality shows a strong roll in the movie. Judy is clearly conforming to what everyone else is doing. Even if she doesn't agree because some attention is better than the lack of attention she gets at home. Also Jim is constantly fighting with his parents because he feels like they never listen to him. They never take his ideas and thoughts into consideration.

Then family and belonging plays a huge roll in the entire movie. All of the main characters have family problems. Especially Judy. She does not feel like she belongs at home and she does not feel the love and affection that she wants. Plato's parents left him altogether so he does not feel like anyone cares about him. He thinks if his parents just left him then why wouldn't everybody leave him? Jim does not like his family and he believes that they never listen to him.

Additional Question:

  1. "Would you do the chickie bluff, and do you think Jim needed to do it to prove his masculinity?"

I would not do the chickie bluff, especially considering there is the odds of dying. I would not want to die just to prove I'm not a "chicken". I don't think that Jim needed to or should have done it. Even though he won, it was unnecessary. You shouldn't worry about what anybody thinks about you. All that should matter is what you think about yourself. As long as you believe that you're masculine, why would you have to prove yourself? Especially to a bunch of kids you hardly know.