The boy who saved baseball

By Austin Bangtson


The theme of this story is: "Dont ever quit" or "Never give up when your hurt"

Cruz de la Cruz

Cruz came to dillontown to get into the baseball team and help them win the big game and get Doc's land back.Cruz has a simulater that makes you see a baseball at slow motion.Cruz is Brave ,Curious,and cool.

Tom changed over the week because Dante del Gato (who is a famous baseball player) is coaching the team and training them by making them run down the hill.He changed by: shy to brave,weak to strong,not good at baseball to good at baseball. That is how tom changed.

The boy who saved baseball is about a team of BASEBALL players trying to win the BIG game so they wont lose the DOC'S land and BASEBALL field.Then Cruz de la Cruz came to dillontown so he can teach the hit-sim,which is a VIDEO game (a simulator) that can teach you how to see the ball in SLOW motion.Cruz and Tom head to Dante del Gatos place to interveiw him but they cant get in so Cruz makes a hook out of IRON bars and EMPTY soda cans so he can get up but he heard a crack and the wall came down.The most exciting part is when TOM'S team won the big game.


Doc is my hero in Dillontown,because he died and before that he wanted a will so when he died tom will get the Docs land.


Tom is shy ,to himself, nice