why the civil war any way?

by:star fontenot

cause 1: sectionlism

The North: the north had large industry's, large city's, and a deveris population. The north was also part of the republican party. they did not support slavery.

The South: the south had economy based on agriculture ,and plantation life style.They also were democratic party, they wee invested in slavery. The north and the south were like two countries sharing the same land.

cause 2:Slavry

The south thought that slavery was would help them to maintain there economic wealth. The north thought slavery was evil and unconstitutional, they also thought its should be stopped.

Slavery was also a political issue. the number of states that were part of the north and the states that were part of the south were around the same number. Political specking, if there were more slave states the south would roll over the congress, and if there were more free states the north.

cause 3:state rights

Southerners felt that the Federal government was passing laws, such as import taxes, that treated them unfairly. They believed that individual states had the right to "nullify", or overturn, any law the Federal government passed. They also believed that individual states had the right to leave the United states. The northers thought that the congress had full control and wanted them to give the sought taxes.

cause 4: $Unfair Taxation

The congress was canaling foreign goods because the factories were losing money, due to the southern not paying the taxes.Northern politicians were able to pass heavy taxes on imported goods so that Southerners would have to buy goods from the North. These taxes angered Southerners.

quetion air

Question 1: How did the South get slaves?

Question 2: Why did the north have the advantage in the war?

Question 3:Why did the South require slaves?

Answer 1: The South traded, bought, and rented slaves.

Answer 2: The north had the advantage because they had a bigger population so they could raise a larger army. Also they were more industrial so they could make more weapons and ammunition.

Answer 3: The south needed slaves because they needed to keep up with there plantation and just one family could not do it all. Slaves were also a sign of richness.

I think that the south should have won. I think this because coming from the south my self I know want it is like t own a plantation. the only purpose for the slaves was to help them with their plantations .only vary few slave owners beat their slaves. On the other hand I also think that the north was right the factors could have done every thing. Also the south should have tried the black equal but they didn't. what I really think is that there should have never been a war every thing should have stayed the same .