The Digital World

Who was the genius behind the digital world today ?


Do you know what is behind today's world ? Do you want to know what is powering today's digital world? This article will include

. Local Area Network

. Whats in a computer?

. Wide Area Network ?

LAN, Whats in a computer and WAN

Local Area Network

Local Area Network is a network in your area. It includes your home,school and work. It mainly covers your area. You have a router and it includes your TV, phone computer or laptop. It also includes things like iPads, Xbox or PlayStation.
Local Area Network (LAN) explained!

Whats inside a computer?

A computer processes and sends your information. You use your keyboard or mouse and it does it quickly for you. Computers have memory things in them like hard drive. Then they process it and put it on the screen.
What's Inside Your Computer?

Wide Area Network

It is a network that covers the world such as Spain, France, America and United Kingdom.There are routers all over the world even they go underwater.
Computer Networking Tutorial - 4 - WAN