Counselor's Corner

Weekly updates of what is happening in School Counseling

Please make sure that you are checking this weekly so that you do not miss information!

What is coming this week

Kid Talks

We will begin Kid Talks in the format of discussing three students at a time. We will discuss what interventions may be plausible for the student and how progress monitoring will take place. This week, will be Buamah's team. If there are 504 reviews, they will also be scheduled during this time.

Introduction to the School Counselor lessons

This week, I have started my Core Curriculum with Introduction to the School Counselor lessons in Mrs. Aspinwall's classroom. I am having a great time meeting students and they are learning about how a counselor can help them.

Catching Up

Since I received no requests for Catching Up last week, there will be no Catching Up this week. Please let me know by Friday, September 4 if you have any students that you would like to participate in Catching Up next week.

My whereabouts

I will be off campus tomorrow morning until 1:00 PM for a County Meeting.