Waggoner Road Junior High Legends

January Edition 1


RCS is sponsoring this event to empower and establish understanding of what our students are dealing with on a regular basis. The January 16th meeting was canceled but the March 12th meeting will still take place. Please click the link below to indicate your interest in attending this workshop - no matter if you plan to attend or not.This is survey will also allow us here at WRJH to establish an understanding of what types of conversations parent would like to have with the leadership of RCS.

Thank you for completing this short 3 question survey, by clicking this link.

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Come one, come all! I would love to meet you all.

Our first meeting Monday 12/16 went well! Thank you to all the parents who showed up! In summary this was some of the feedback.

We briefly touched base on the following:

  • HS Credit Courses
  • Changes to schedules this SY
  • Transitions from WRMS to WRJH
  • Raising expectations

Topics parents suggested for future Principal Meetings :

  • Coordinating Transitions from 6th grade to 7th grade
  • Student clubs and Organization to help build social-emotional skills

Parents stated they would like to be involved with:

  • Coordinating and facilitating parent meetings with the principal
  • Donations to the student closet
  • Donations/ideas for indoor recess

What procedures do you have concerns with and feel need further conversation?

  • Cafeteria procedures, particularly recess - structured socializing time
  • Team-building activities for students - longer than zero period.

What Academic questions do you still have?

  • Help students understand grade-point average and what it means?
  • Adding HS credit information in the handbook and policies for MS students
  • Consistency in communication - use of one platform
  • Expectation of posting grades timely
  • Return of the use of rubrics for large assignments

The next Principal/Parent Roundtable will announced soon. Check the next newsletter for date, time, and topics of discussion.


Academic Information

2nd semester is here. Students have new electives and there are new expectations. Please be sure to read carefully:

As we begin to transition our students for high school (specifically the 8th graders) to make them better prepared, we have implemented several EXPECTATIONS of which both teachers and students have been navigating. These expectations will be assessed and re-evaluated in an effort towards becoming STANDARDS for the 20/21 SY.

Teachers have agreed to work towards:

    • Sending a weekly email to all your parents (end of the week/beginning of the week)
    • Keeping grades up-to-date weekly
    • PURPOSEFULLY have students pull up their grades (at least once per week) and look at what's missing, where they are academically, etc.
    • Set firm deadlines.
    • Try to give at least 2 homework assignments per week, that you thoroughly assess for accuracy and completeness.


(Specifically for 7th graders)

Over the next two newsletters we will be submitting information on the scheduling process for next year. We want to be purposeful in allowing students to sign themselves up for HS credit courses that affect their HS transcripts. Please begin having conversations with your students about the course selection options for next school year.

HS Courses offered here will be:

  • Gym 1 or Gym 2
  • Yoga
  • Health
  • IM 1
  • IM 2
  • Enriched English 9
  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2


Here at WRJH we have only 8 electives outside of year long electives that include:

  • Spanish
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Band

If your student is not in one of these year long electives they must participate is all 8 electives that we offer here at Waggoner. We are working to make sure these electives fall into appropriate grade levels, therefor we must be purposeful in the placement of students. That being said all students will have the following:

7th graders:




World Cultures

8th graders:



College and Career Plus


There are some instances where the 7th graders have already taken the 8th grade electives, so for the 20/21 SY they will take the elective they missed from 7th grade with 7th graders.

As far as electives go, if our student is not in the year long electives, they could minimally enter high school with their Health and Physical education credits earned towards graduation.

Last week, the Principal meet with all students in their individual Raider classes to discuss:

  • What do grades mean?
  • What is a GPA?
  • Why are assessment scores so important?
  • Do you have pride in your school - behavior that is appropriate.

Follow-up with a conversation with your student to see what they gained from that conversation.


RCS has a direct parent connection to Powerschool readily available for all parents. Powerschool is available through the school website, through Facebook, through Instagram and each student has a direct account that they should know how to use. Report cards are available through this portal at all times. It is for this reason that, here at Waggoner Road Junior, we will only print report cards and distribute them to students at the end of the first semester and at the end of the school year to begin immediately. In other words, we will not print report cards at the conclusion of 3rd grading period (in March) this year.

SINCE THIS IS A NEW POLICY..........we are actively printing report cards TODAY and will be sending them home with students on Thursday January 23. Contact Dr. Black should you have any questions about this policy.


Conferences will be held next THURSDAY FEB 6 4-8PM, TUESDAY FEB 12 4-7:30PM.

Please click on the link below to sign up to meet individually with any of your students teachers. In order to accommodate more parents we have kept each scheduled meeting to 15 minutes. If you desire to meet with all of your student's teachers at one time, pease contact the teachers directly via email so that they can schedule a group meeting time. Please be mindful that group meeting can be no loner than 1/2 hour.

Conference Schedule

To schedule your preferred time for a parent-teacher conference,

  1. Go to www.myconferencetime.com/waggoner
  2. Click on the name of your child’s teacher.
  3. Select the desired date/time for your conference by clicking on “Sign Up.”
  4. Submit the requested information.

If you have several children attending our school, click on “Register for Multiple Conferences” and follow the prompts to schedule your children for several conferences.

After you schedule a conference online, the date and time are reserved for you. If you entered your email address correctly, you will receive email confirmation of your conference.

If you are unable to sign up for a time and date online, please send a note with three preferred times and dates to your child’s teacher. Once we receive your note, we will attempt to schedule a conference for your desired date and time but cannot guarantee your top choices as time slots fill up quickly.

Thank you for your support of your child’s education.



The WRJH yearbook is on sale until March 2020! The price is a flat rate of $25. For this price you receive a hardback yearbook with 52 pages of bright colored photos from this school year. You may order online using the link below. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Asbrock at brittany.asbrock@reyn.org. The link to purchase on line: https://commpe.pictavo.com/PictavoSchool/FindSchool


Monday May 18th

Student Award Ceremony

Summit Campus PAC


Our bus and student pick up has been going well. Please be reminded, when we get snow leave a walk area for the students along the hill. All students will be asked to walk down the ramp and onto the pavement to avoid running through the snow. Thank you for helping us make this transition safe.


The next PTO parent meeting will be Tuesday February 11th we are attempting to conduct this meeting via livestream through Facebook @ 5:30 PM. Please plan to log in and ask questions while becoming familiar with the latest information from a parent perspective.



Mrs. Collins, Health Teacher

Mrs. Collins is very excited to be teaching health this year at WRJH. In 2014, she started with Reynoldsburg schools by teaching elementary physical education. Mrs. Collins has been married for 19 years to Jason and has 2 girls (Gabriella 15 and Aubrey 11). She is a buckeye fan and loves to watch her girls play volleyball. When she is not in the classroom, you can find her playing games and hanging out with her family.

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