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Students are doing a great job of adjusting to our schedule and having another class to attend. In class we have discussed about using harder, more complex vocabulary words in our conversations and writing. The students are doing a great job of practicing and learning Tier 2 words.

The students love using Google Classroom. This is a great way for the students & myself to communicate with one another. I have posted critical thinking activities, writing prompts and reading assignments for students to complete during small group time. These do not have to be completed at home but students are welcome to try them at any time. I encourage you to download this app to your ipads or home computer.

As we begin using more technology in AIG class, students are understanding how to use Google Documents for completing assignments, learning how to edit the fonts,size, & look of documents, sharing documents with a teacher, online dialogue, and many more possibilities. We have discussed technology vocabulary such as address bar, tabs and web domains.

We will continue the "40 Book Challenge" until the end of school. Each block counts for 150 pages. This will encourage students to read across a variety of genres and keep track of all they are reading. I can't wait to celebrate the completion of the chart!!

My hope is that your child will continue to be challenged and exposed to a wide variety of vocabulary, skills and opportunities through the AIG program.

Duke Tip

Benefits of participation—what should my students expect if they enroll?

Students will receive a monthly email with important program reminders, including a link to Navigator, our online magazine that explores new topics each month, helps students discover potential areas of interest, and highlights the creative work of our talented students.

Throughout the year and until the student finishes sixth grade, students can participate in our bimonthly book club (see below for our newest title), submit a story in December or an illustration in March for our annual Writing and Illustration Contest, find other challenging programs across the country through the Opportunity Guide, and get advice on how to make the most of their time at school in our annual Academic 411.

Parents can help students decide if the PSAT 8/9 above-level testing opportunity is a good option for exploring their student’s academic strengths. Parents and educators can benefit from Gifted Today, which features information on the challenges and opportunities faced by academically talented children and an online community for parents and educators who are dedicated to supporting their gifted students.

Duke TIP also offers further educational programs designed specifically for participants in the talent search: Academic Adventures, CRISIS, and eInvestigators. These programs require additional fees beyond the $40 Talent Search enrollment; details on dates, fees, and financial aid are available on our website.

The Benefits of Enrolling in Duke TIP's Talent Search Programs

Mrs. Dawn McDaniel - AIG Specialist

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