April 11-15 Bookfair

April 13 Wear PINK for school wide no bullying campaign

April 14 5:45 2nd grade Fine Arts Fling and Sing, this will be a show and share time for the 2nd graders to show you all the great things they learn and do in fine arts. Our class will be singing a song about the phases of the moon with Mrs. Clark.

April 18--Lunch Count needs to be turned in dor Dia Day-hamburger or hot dog or bringing your own lunch

April 21 Poem in Your Pocket Day (we will be having a 60's style poetry fest in our classroom, complete with bongo drums, an open mic and cafe snacks, start looking for a poem for them to bring in their pocket and read at our "Beatnik Cafe")

April 21 Earth Day

April 22 School holiday (bad weather make up day)-no school

April 29 Dia de Los Ninos Day--all students will dress up in a favorite storybook character costume (start planning now) The 2nd grade teachers have BIG plans for that day!

MAY 4 Bike to School Day

May 5 Last Day for Speeding to Read logs (turn them in)

May 6 Cafeteria Worker Day!

May 11 Nurses Day

MAy 16-20 Bring $1 to contribute to OSE custodian gift to thank them for their hard work this school year

May 17---TENTATIVE field trip to Ft Worth Science Museum

May 20 Field Day

May 24 Speeding to Read field trip and award ceremony

May 30 Memorial Day-no school

May 31 Market Day (bring cash in small bills and coins in a ziplock bag labeled with their name and my name on it)

June 1 End of year party

June 2 Last Day of School!

I added a whole bunch of information on the calendar, so be sure and look it over closely! We have had such an exciting week! We now have 12 sweet chicks! The kids got to see 3 of them hatch! There is just something about new life that makes everything better! We will keep the chicks for the better part of this week and then they will be off to the farm where they can roam free and not live in a box! The family at the farm have some turkey eggs they want me to try and hatch, so we may try for round 2. A HUGE THANK YOU to Lydia's family for purchasing the incubator and egg turner for us. I have never had this success rate and such ease in hatching (in 20 years). It is such a blessing because this is something I love to do. A BIG thank you to Drew's family for purchasing the candling kit so I could check on the chickies and see their progression. I am bless beyond measure with an amazing class and families to serve. Thank you!

The performance for 2nd grade is this Thursday. You don't want to miss this precious event. Your child has worked hard and is excited to share with you.

From Mrs. Ranne:

The students will be sharing April 14, 5:45 in the cafeteria. Arrive time, 5:30. The book fair will be open prior to the 'show and share' for parents and students to browse the fair together. The book fair will close at 5:30 so students can line up.

I believe our day for the book fair is Friday at 9:25. The kids can purchase books any day, but that is our designated time. Feel free to send in money and/or stop by and go to the book fair any day that works for you. I am happy to send them down to meet you and shop.

Send in your copies of Charlotte's Web Monday. We will begin reading it after lunch. I was able to buy a few more, so hopefully, we will have enough. Thank you for helping me with this!

It is a very busy week! I think I am double booked every evening with my own fam bam, so whew! It is that time of year. We have lots of drama at our house, my oldest is a music therapy major at TWU and piano is her principal instrument and she now has carpal tunnel in both wrists. My middle is due to graduate and is in the throws of senior itis and boy drama. My youngest is a transfer student at Shadow Ridge since we moved to Lantana and I was just told that FM9 campus is closed to transfers (they will try to fit her in since I am an employee, but there are no guarantees and we are trying to figure out plan B). So know that I understand that life is hectic and crazy and stressful for all of us. Take care and hold on, I think it is only 50 some odd days until summer vacation. We can do it!


April McGhee


Math-We completed our unit on geometry. We are going to start measurement. After I grade their geometry tests, I may try to add more geometry in at the end of the year to solidify some concepts and be sure they have a handle on it. I am also looking at some sort of fact challenges with prizes. Addition, subtraction for sure, may add in a little bit of multiplication. We will see what kind of time we have the next few weeks. Please know that knowing their facts instantly is the key to a more successful math student. This should be your goal with your child.

Language Arts- We read Two of Everything and looked for the lesson/moral. We are working on folktales and identifying a characters feelings. We also did some work with antonyms. They read Stone Soup and worked on writing soup-er sentences with lots of detail and adjectives. They tried to make the reader paint a picture in their head as they read.

Science-We are beginning plants, to be followed by life-cycles and animals.

Social Studies- We read about customs and culture in countries around the world.