Of Mice and Men

By: Annabelle Huckerby and Hope Seiler

The Great Depression

The Great Depression, a terrible worldwide economic depression, left seven million dead and one out of four without jobs. This long and deep depression began shortly after the second world war and lasted approximately until the late 1930’s. The root of the desperation came from weak banking, overspending, and over production of goods. Among the many causes of the depression, the main one was the most devastating crash to the United States, The Wall Street Crash of 1929. The stock market lost 14 billion, making the total loss for the week 30 billion.

The former wealthy lost everything and men had to leave their struggling families. This led some to commit suicide, while others still fighting to survive everyday. The depression hit people in the hearts and divorce, birth, and marriage rates increasingly dropped. Some families thought that they had already hit rock bottom but drought and severe dust storms made the hopelessness worse as they killed tens of thousands of animals and many people as well. All Americans were thankful for Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he became president and promised a “New Deal for the American people.”


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The American Dream

During the Great Depression, the American dream was very different than what is thought to be now. The dream was an idea of hope that the American citizens could get out of this time of darkness and get back to the lives they once had. Not only Americans were affected by the “dream” but so were immigrants as they were striving for freedom they hoped to find in the United States. Most immigrants thought of America as stable with the conditions that you need to survive, so in the time of crisis they turned to us. The American dream was steering the country in the right direction as they became more encouraged to work hard and chase their ideal lives.

The United States offers a less hierarchical society and has more opportunities compared to other countries. Many people aspire moving to America in hope of achieving the American dream. In recent years, the American dream is thought to be; “that every U.S. citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” The American dream differs between people and the time period they live in. The development of America affects the growth and changes within the American dream.


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John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck’s passion for writing started at the age of fourteen. In Salinas California, John grew up and attended school. He later went on to attending college at the University of Stanford. He officially dropped out of school in 1925. After attempts of dropping out of high school, John succeeded when dropping out of college. The career path ahead of John did not require a college degree. John quickly began working for a newspaper reporter after school. Then he pursued a job in Lake Tahoe working as a full time caretaker. It was in Lake Tahoe where John published his first book “Cup of Gold.”

John’s career as a writer continued through the twentieth century. John focuses most of his books on historical events, perspectives, and personal issues. Out of all of the books John Steinbeck has written, The Red Pony, Of Mice and Men,The Grapes of Wrath, and East of Eden are the most popular. The lesson taught in our class novel, Of Mice and Men is the nature of human existence. At some point in the book all of the characters admit to having some sort of profound loneliness. John Steinbeck portrays his characters through life, their exterior words and actions.