Smashburger Franchise

By Hannah Reneau

Opening Prices

Franchise Fee- $40,000

Products- Burgers, fries, drinks, shakes

Royalty- 5.5%

Advertising Costs- $3.8 Million a year

Real Estate- Must be in a developing community

Why did I choose Smashburger?

I love cheeseburgers and fries. Especially together.

I've been making food since I was a kid, it's always been a hobby.

Taking an entrepreneurship class, and a money matters course, I will soon have the knowledge and skills to start my own Smashburger.

I can manage the money, the restaurant itself, and the employees responsibly.

In time it should surely bring me plenty of income to fulfill financial goals. Especially if placed in a highly developing community.

Community Considerations

Smashburger targets all people of all ages, however, is more popular with teenage-young adult crowds compared to older citizens. Older people are less likely to go out to eat and spend money in a restaurant.

Competitors of Smashburger are restaurants like Mooyah, which also sells burgers and fries with drinks and shakes. Mooyah is much more expensive.

Smashburger is generally very accessible, however they do not have drive through windows. You have to go inside smashburger to order food, whether youŕe eating there or not. Although there is no convenient drive through, the atmosphere of smashburger is extremely comfortable and modern.

Brand Name/Company Info

Established- 2007

Appealing- Their main product (burgers) is literally stated in their company name. You know exactly what youŕe walking into your first time going to eat at Smashburger.

They have no Better Business Bureau complaints at all.

Smashburger advertises on commercials and billboards.

Their reputation is doing really well, their profit continues to grow each year and as more and more people dine with Smashburger, they grow as a company.