Thomas Jefferson

By Gillya Thomas

Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson was a good man to the United States. He is the one who grew our country! He wanted the U.S. to be a peaceful place.

Young Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743. Thomas got married to a girl named Martha. He got married New Year's Day, January 1,1772.

President Jefferson

Thomas wrote the Declaration of Independence. He wrote it in 1776. Thomas was the third president of the U.S.

The Louisiana Purchase

Thomas Jefferson Wanted a little port in New Orlons. He wanted to pay for 10,000,000 for a little port. The French said, "Hey, why don't we give you all this land for 15,000,000" and Thomas accepted it. This was the Louisiana Purchase and it doubled the U.S.

Lewis and Clark

A year after Thomas bought the Louisiana Purchase he sent Lewis and Clark out to see the west. He wanted to know more about the land. On the way, Lewis and Clark meet some Indians. Thomas also sent them out to fur trade and become friends with the Indians.


After Thomas Jefferson's 4 years of being president for another 4 years. The people realy liked him for being leader. He was in office from 1801 to 1809.


Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826. He was 83 when he died.


Thomas Jefferson was an importent man to our country. He is in memory by his memorial Statue of him. The people love his honesty and truth.


Book - Young Thomas Jefferson By Francene Sabin, published in New Jersey, publisher Troll Associates, year published in 1986.


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