Mediterranean Society

Blake B.


Spartan culture was very heavily focused on their military. Most of their time was spent training, and creating weapons to strengthen their army. They were the only true military state in Greece.

Men were only allowed to be soldiers, no other occupation. The helots were people they captured and put into slavery. They had two kings that would rule a council and tangent.

Sparta was a very rich area, with a lot of minerals.

The Spartans had multiple classes of people. The helots, the perioikoi (merchants, manufacturers, and craftsmen), peasants, and the rich.


Athens had a lot of emphasis on theatre, which was rare in that time. They were well off without too many revolts.

Athens had a democracy, known as Athenian Democracy. It was the first known democracy in the world. Male adults were allowed to vote on laws and government officials.

Athens economy was heavily reliant on trade. They were by the sea so they were able to trade with other countries easily. They traded honey, olive oil, silver, and painted pottery.

The athenians had 4 social classes. Slaves, metics (Free people that weren't citizens), Women, and citizens, these were the four broadest classes, but all of them have sub-classes.

Ptolemaic Empire

The Ptolemaic Empire had a focus on education. They had a university, a library, and museums. They were primarily Greek but they also took some of their culture from Egypt.

The Ptolemaic Empire was a Hellenistic kingdom run by the Ptolemaic Dynasty. They ruled from Syria, to Cyrene