Rileagh's calorie Report

For Science!!!!

What is a calorie?

A calorie is in our bodies. It measures energy in a unit called calories

Why do you need to eat calories/ how does your body use it?

You need to eat calories for energy.
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How do you calculate calories?

You take the calorie number then you multiply it by the amount of water witch is 20ml.

What is the difference between a calorie and a Calorie?

The Big C is actually 1000 more than it says the little c is not

What does it mean if a food is a calorie vs. low -calorie density?

it is a food measurement of the average calories per weight (gram or ounce) of that food.

two examples:hamburgers, corn dogs , and other fat foods

what is an empty calorie?

Calories that come from foods that offer few or in any nutrients

Some restaurants have started posting calorie information about all their food items . Do you think this a good idea why or not?

I think Its a good idea because that way people know what in the food that there eating .

how should the number of calories you consume compare the calories you burn ? what happens if they don't match?

Because if you consume more than you burn it won't work because your gaining more than your losing.

Provide two examples of a positive choice you can make regarding calories?

You could eat food that has the amount of calories you need.