By Robert Crais

A shocking story of a teenage kidnapping and a circle of crime

In Taken by Robert Crais, follow the investigation of two eloping teens who go missing, and the main suspect is a group of international human traffickers. Taken will keep your heart racing, nervous on what may happen next. Who is the culprit? Will we ever find out? Are the teenage lovers still in this country? Join in on the search with Elvis Cole, the private investigator hired to find the whereabouts of the teens. Will we ever find out what really happened?
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A novel that unravels into a world of human trafficking
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Taken by Robert Crais

Taken Summary

The book takes place in modern day southern California. It begins with two love struck teenagers taking a night time adventure to a local hang out spot. Little do they know that the spot is also used by Coyotes, or human smugglers working for the Mexican Cartel. The lovers end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and are not seen again. We follow the investigation of Krista and Jack, the missings teens, by Detective Elvis Cole. As we go on, we see how Cole develops emotionally and physically in the tedious and painstaking search for the teens, along with his companion Joe Pike. Whether or not the teens will be found is a mystery that only Elvis Cole can figure out.
Mexican Cartels' Kidnapping Tactics