2018 Digital Film Festival

It's a Wrap: April 29, 2018, Laurel High School

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Festival Highlights & Program

  • Over 70 submissions
  • The quality has gotten better every year!
  • The adjudicators were impressed by the technical and artistic skills of the filmmakers.



Adjudicator Remarks from Kimberlyn Nyarko

Words of Wisdom from Jeffrey Myers, Principal of PSP 1, LLC A Media Integration & Human Capital Management Company

Highlights from this year's People Choice Awards

Academy Award Winning Films

Words of Wisdom from Denise Palmer

Networking Time

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A Huge Thank-You!

Film Festival Committee:

Angela Batten

Kimberlyn Nyarko

Patrice Lawrence

Tara Jones

Barbara Liedahl

Anita Lambert

Bruce Brown

Selena Ward

Department of Arts Integration Creative Arts Programs Staff

CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell & AI Director John Ceschini


Gina Bartee, PGTV-96

Matt Boratenski, American Film Institute

Matt Monjan, Discovery Education

Dr. Sherelle Williams, Prince George's Community College

Angela Mathis, Prince George's Community College

John McAfee, Bowie State University


Eddie Antonetti

Carmella Doty

Matt Monjan

Kimberlyn Nyarko

Kimberly Roberson

Dr. Amy Rosenkrans

Dr. Sherelle Williams

Host and Film Festival Producer

Barbara Liedahl, Instructional Specialist, Media Arts

Technical Director

Bruce Brown, BBrownFilms, LLC

Special Thanks To:

Randy Drayton, Auditorium Technician, Laurel High School

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